WoW: dry runs for the raid

of Philipp Sattler
In Shadowlands' first WoW raid, Castle Nathria, there are some unique mechanics that regularly make players desperate. So that you are well prepared for the next raid, you can practice some of these mechanics beforehand using an add-on – and thus perhaps prevent one or the other wipe.

Wiping is part of raiding in WoW, like golden glitter to paladin or totems to shaman. If every boss went down on his knees on the first try, it would be a bit boring. But after a while the wipes start to get on your nerves. Especially when you have to surrender over and over again in the same place. While you can avoid many critical points through good team play or sophisticated tactics, there are some mechanics in Nathria where none of this helps. One example is the evasion of the echo sonar on the first Boss shrill swing. Or the quick release of the balls on Lady Inerva Dunkelader, by skillfully combining them with the rays. The players concerned have to do both more or less on their own. Otherwise, they and most of the rest of the raid a short time later are dead.

WoW: Dry exercises for raid mechanics - with the add-on X Practice (1)

WoW: Dry exercises for raid mechanics – with the add-on X Practice (1)

Source: Buffed

Experience has shown that some players find such mechanics easier than others. Some people see the boss's abilities once and immediately know what to do, while others need a little more practice. But since it can be very frustrating to wipe again and again until the players have all seen and understood the ability a few times, there is the addon X Practice. This uses the internal model viewer from WoW (buy now € 14.99 ) and builds a kind of test arena for you. Here you can practice different mechanics from the raid. You can even set the level of difficulty or make it difficult for yourself in other ways so that you are well prepared for the raid.

In addition to the two mechanics mentioned above, Xanesh from Ny'alotha also plays football. The developers also want to continue the addon and also integrate particularly difficult mechanics for practice in upcoming raids.

You can find the addon for download at the end of the article or via CurseForge or the CurseForge app.


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