WoW: Echo from Method

from Paul Herzog
The new WoW guild "Echo" reaches for the WoW throne: How is that possible? It consists almost entirely of former Method players. In view of the recent events surrounding allegations of sexual harassment, a charity stream was also announced – the money will go to the charities "INHOPE" and "Rise Above The Disorder".

The WoW guild method was the figurehead of the professional raiding scene. A few weeks ago, the brand built by Scott 'Sco' McMillan broke down on charges of sexual harassment against two of his employees.

A few weeks ago, former Method player Deepshades said the player squad was reviewing numerous options to continue playing together. Since then fans of the WoW raiding scene have been waiting for a sign of life. In the night of July 25th the time finally came: Echo was born.

Echo replaces Method

In the night from Saturday (July 25th) to Sunday (July 26th) the newly founded WoW guild Echo announced their squad. The guild will be located on the European server Tarren Mill.

Most of the names will seem familiar to the attentive viewer – Echo consists of numerous former PvE and PvP players from Method: Deepshades, Fragrance, Gingi, Justwait, Rogerbrown, potter and many more. It can therefore be assumed at the present time that Echo will participate in the upcoming MDI, AWC and World First races.

Charity stream against sexual harassment online

Shortly after the announcement of the squad, the first invitation to a charity event followed, which will take place on July 26 at 5 p.m. (CET).

The stream is intended to raise money for charitable causes – more precisely, the donations will go to the two organizations "INHOPE"(Fights sexual harassment online) and"Rise Above The Disorder"(assumes the therapy costs for people in need to break down barriers).

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