It looks like the current "World First Race" from World of Warcraft: Shadowlands will soon be the decision. Last weekend several top guilds from all over the world stepped up a gear – above all the reigning champions of "Complexity Limit".

This guild from the USA had taken the lead in the race early on and was the first group in the world to face the penultimate boss opponent in the raid instant "Schloss Nathria". However, the fight against the stone gels turned out to be an extremely tough chunk on which "Complexity Limit" gritted its teeth for a long time. The other top guilds use this to catch up. The two European teams "Echo" and "Pieces" were also able to fight their way through to the penultimate boss, so that an exciting three-way battle ensued from then on. But in the early morning hours of this Monday "Complexity Limit" finally succeeded after 291 unsuccessful attempts to defeat the generals and is the first guild in the world to face the final boss – Sire Denathrius.

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It had already proven to be a tough nut to crack in heroic mode, so the question arises whether the current "World First Race" can be decided before the weekly reset of the WoW server. This will take place in the USA tomorrow, Tuesday, while the European players have until Wednesday morning. Currently only three guilds worldwide have even made it to the penultimate boss. Therefore, the winner will probably come from the ranks of this trio. We'll keep you up to date.

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