A quick glance at the WoW server population or the successes that guilds celebrated in the latest Ny'alotha raid is enough to make it clear that there is an increasingly serious problem in WoW – the massive factional imbalance between the Horde and the Alliance. There are simply more Horde followers than Alliance players on Battle for Azeroth official servers. While the difference in the total number of players is not that big, the amount of active raiders differs enormously. And the further you look up the ladder of difficulty levels, the more extreme the difference becomes. In the running Ny'alotha Hall of Fame, where all guilds that could defeat the mythical N'Zoth can register, there are currently 20 alliance guilds, while the Horde has just completed their page with 100 guilds. So there are five times as many Horde at the top of the world as Alliance. And the imbalance will soon be slated. Several top guilds have already announced that they will switch to the Horde for Shadowlands. The most prominent example is Club Camel, who finished 18th as the third best alliance guild. Although the discrepancy at the beginning of Battle for Azeroth was larger than it is now, there can be no real improvement.

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth – launch trailer for the new add-on

Why do all horde play?

But why is that actually the case? If you throw this question into the room, you often get the good people bonuses of the Horde as an answer. But this is only half the truth. Because at the moment these are not that good. From a pure DpS or HpS perspective, the alliance has significantly better perks. For two thirds of all playing styles, an alliance people is the best choice when it comes to pure DpS. Nevertheless, there are always bonuses that are enormously strong depending on the situation. For example, the Goblin rocket jump at Kil'jaeden or trolls with reduced debuff time at Jaina.

But the folk bonuses were one of the stones that got everything rolling. If we think back a few years, the Horde racials were actually significantly better in PvE content than the counterparts of the alliance. As a result, many ambitious riders dropped the blue banners and put on the red armor. With the tow of the top guilds like Method (which only changed during Cataclysm), various fans and smaller guilds moved from Eisenschmiede to Orgrimmar. More and more and also less ambitious guilds followed. Because while the Horde side was still well visited, Alliance guilds found it increasingly difficult to find suitable players – which in turn drove a lot of single players from broken guilds to the Horde. Before the auction house merged, that was another point. Top guilds just got better at the important BoEs and all the materials they needed.

Is faction imbalance a problem?

WoW: Massive faction imbalance in Azeroth - what can Blizzard do? (2)

WoW: Massive faction imbalance in Azeroth – what can Blizzard do? (2)

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For many players, this faction imbalance is not a big problem as it doesn't interfere with quests, dungeons or the LFR. However, more ambitious players get some problems. Not only does it make it harder to find groups or players for raids, raids, or other group activities due to fewer players, it also causes problems in PvP. Since there are more Horde players, they are of course also in the majority in PvP, which is particularly evident in the war mode. The Alliance's reward of a few percent does not help to compensate for this imbalance.
Aside from that, it is becoming increasingly ungrateful for Blizzard writers to design storylines that revolve around the Alliance, as these are perceived by far fewer players than the Horde stories. But only marginally.

How can Blizzard solve this problem?

WoW: Massive faction imbalance in Azeroth - what can Blizzard do? (3)

WoW: Massive faction imbalance in Azeroth – what can Blizzard do? (3)

Source: Buffed

If Blizzard does not intervene at some point, the cliff between the factions will become ever steeper until alliance raids belong to an extinct species. Because the fewer groups there are on the alliance side, the greater the incentive and the faster the players migrate to the horde. But what can Blizzard do about it? In several forums this problem is currently being discussed as intensely as rarely before and we have put together a few of the possible solutions for you.

  • Alliance-focused story
    • Some players already see the solution that the alliance must move back to the center of the story. In our eyes, this will please some players, especially the alliance players, of course, but will hardly make a raider raise the blue flags again.
  • Increase inferior faction bonus
    • Already in war mode, the alliance is regularly receiving rewards that are kept from the horde. What if you extended these bonuses to other areas of the game? Higher drop chances, more azerite or similar things? Of course that would go against the idea of ​​equal groups – but could such a measure work? We are pretty sure it could work, at least in part. However, there would certainly be a huge shitstorm and many die-hard Horde players who would simply stop because they don't want to play with the "disadvantaged" faction.
  • Surgical bonuses for the alliance
    • Already, the Alliance's Volks Bonuses are usually a little better than those of the Horde. However, the differences are minimal. Because of ten DpS, none of his faction will leave and join the other side. But what if the Alliance bonuses were improved so massively that they were as overpowered as the Horde were back then – if Blizzard intentionally did not balance well? That would surely cause an outcry among all Horde players. In addition, the effects would probably be quite manageable. There would only be a great interplay if the difference was really very big. And even then we would be back to the point where the political groups are treated differently.
  • Free character transfers
    • For many Horde players, the question of switching to the alliance does not arise due to the enormous costs. Because a complete guild move including twinks costs a whole lot of hard euros. With free character transfers, one could at least make the change easier for players who are flirting with one. How many there are is of course in the stars. At the same time, Blizzard could also make the change in the other direction (Alliance to Horde) more expensive or even switch it off completely, in order to at least maintain the status quo and not to let the imbalance tip over any further. Both measures together are likely to annoy the fewest players (only possibly willing players of the alliance) and could at least be a little helpful.
  • Bring top guilds to the alliance
    • We mentioned earlier that switching many top guilds to Horde did have an impact on faction imbalance. So why not turn the tables. If Blizzard managed to "persuade" some of the strong guilds to switch – with whatever bribes – it could have the same effect. For example, if the World First race were a Horde versus Allianz race, it could improve mood and fuel competition. In addition, some normal players would surely follow the top players. And it could also revamp the image of the alliance. If suddenly the horde would no longer make all of World First among themselves, alliance players could regain their confidence and forget the thoughts of emigration. Everything sounds very theoretical and it is. Because what used to be the case doesn't necessarily have to work again today. Especially since it might not be so easy to persuade a handful of top guilds to switch.

  • Abolish faction boundaries or introduce mercenary mode
    • Another much-discussed variant is mercenary mode, which allows Horde and Alliance players to compete in raids or dungeons together. If you expand this principle to be able to serve the other faction for a short time, it could also have a positive effect on the PvP area.
    • Or you can completely abolish the faction boundaries. After four wars between Horde and Allianz, peace could finally prevail. Because we all know that the next war will be settled again to defeat villain XY together. However, Blizzard would then have to rebuild the entire PvP area and Open PvP would be dead. Instead, battlefields could take place between different teams that you can join. Martial arts association Dalaran against the Ashran Attackers or the like. Each of these small "factions" could bring smaller bonuses or represent a different philosophy. Of course, you should also be able to change them so that you can play with new friends.

What other options can you think of how to restore the faction balance and what do you think of the ideas already discussed? Or don't you mind the whole thing?

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