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Christie Golden's new WoW book, Foray through Azeroth: The Eastern Kingdoms, appears later than originally planned. The people in charge at Blizzard have postponed the release date again.

After the WoW novel The Rise of Shadows by Madeleine Roux has shed light on the history of the upcoming Shadowlands expansion, the volume written by Christie Golden is supposed to be "Foray through Azeroth: The Eastern Kingdoms" examine the artifacts and treasures of Azeroth. Like the editors of Icy Veins reported, the release date of the book will be postponed – for the second time.

The foray through Azeroth is delayed to early December 2020

We don't know whether the postponement is related to the delayed release date of WoW: Shadowlands. Blizzard has not yet officially commented on this. One thing is certain: A foray through Azeroth will probably not go on sale as initially planned on November 24, 2020, but only on December 3, 2020. That emerges from an emailthat a fan received from Amazon and that informed them of the new shipping date of their pre-order.

The German website from Amazon currently states November 24, 2020 as the publication date. The German edition has no official release date, even if the online retailer does not provide very clear information. Anyone who has pre-ordered the volume, in which Matthias Shaw and Finn Schönwind record their knowledge of Azeroth's treasures, artefacts, weapons and jewelry and which will be richly illustrated, will probably have to wait a little longer. As soon as we have new information on the publication date of the German-language edition, we will inform you about it as soon as possible.

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