WoW: From fame level 1-40 – These rewards are available through the pact

In WoW Shdowlands you collect fame with your pact over two weekly quests – basically reputation. For one quest you have to collect anima, the other sends you to Torghast. So these are tasks that you would be doing every week anyway. There are a total of 40 fame levels and almost every one of them gives you rewards in the form of transmog, mounts, new talent lines for your soul bond and more. You make several leaps in the glory system when you complete the campaign quests of your pact.

The first chapter is joining the pact, the second is the intro quest and from the third onwards, further chapters behind the weekly are blocked. In the following you can see from which fame levels further parts of the main campaign of your pact are unlocked.

Chapter 3: Fame Level 5
Chapter 4: Fame Level 8
Chapter 5: Fame Level 11
Chapter 6: Fame Level 13
Chapter 7: Fame Level 17
Chapter 8: Fame Level 20
Chapter 9: Fame Level 22

For everyone who stays on the ball – that's how quickly you reach fame level 40

If you complete your two weekly quests every week, you will unlock all the rewards of your pact of fame in 16 weeks.

weekFame cap

Unlock soul bond talent series and media slots

Your soul bond talent tree is not fully unlocked directly, but is also linked to fame. Most players will find it interesting when the potency media are unlocked for more damage. In the table you can see from which fame level which talent series are unlocked with a potency medium and how long you need for it if you complete the Weekly every week.

1st powermedium2nd powermedium
Soul Alliance NPCPactFame levelAvailable fromFame levelAvailable from
PelagosKyrians1week 121stWeek 7
KleiaKyrians5Week 228Week 10
MikanikosKyrians22ndWeek 729Week 10
MarilethNecrolord1week 121stWeek 7
EmeniNecrolord5Week 228Week 10
HeirmirNecrolord22ndWeek 729Week 10
NiyaNight fae1week 125thWeek 7
DreamweaverNight fae5Week 213thWeek 10
KoraynNight fae22ndWeek 729Week 10
NadjiaVenthyr1week 125thWeek 7
TheotaryVenthyr5Week 228Week 10
DravenVenthyr22ndWeek 729Week 10

Unlocking talent lines in the Soul Alliance talent tree

This is how long you need or how far you have to be in fame to unlock the respective talent rows in the soul bond talent tree.

Soul bond 1Soul bond 2Soul bond 3
lineFameAvailable fromFameAvailable fromFameAvailable from
11week 15Week 222ndWeek 7
21week 15Week 222ndWeek 7
33week 15Week 222ndWeek 7
4th7 and 9Week 2 and 397Week 2 and 322ndWeek 7
510Week 313thWeek 422ndWeek 7
6th18 and 21Week 6 and 718 and 21Week 6 and 722ndWeek 7
7th25thWeek 828 and 29Week 1028 and 29Week 10
8th30thWeek 1134Week 1331Week 11

From Glory Levels 1 to 40 – All pact rewards above glory

Unlocked from weekFame levelReward 1Reward 2
11Pact skills
122% stamina
13Seelebund Trait 1
25Pact campaign part 3
26thBack transmog
27thSoul bond 1 traitPvP upgrades up to rank 5
38thPact campaign part 4
39Soul bond 2 trait
310Soul bond 1 traitImproved world quest rewards
4th11Pact campaign part 5Pact Hearthstone (Toy)
4th13thPact campaign part 6Soul bond 2 trait
4th14thLegendary recipes
515thSoulkeeper upgrade
516Wrists, hands and belt transmog
6th17thPact campaign part 7Adventurer
6th18thSoul bond 2 trait
6th19th2% staminaImproved world quest rewards
7th20thPact campaign part 8
7th21stSoul bond 1 trait
7th22ndPact campaign part 9 (final)PvP upgrades up to rank 7
8th24Soulkeeper upgrade
8th25thSoul Bond Trait 1
926thBack, pants and shoes transmog
927adventurerdomestic animal
1028Soul Bond Trait 2
1029Soul Bond Trait 3Improved world quest rewards
1130thLast trait soul bond 1
1131Last Trait Soul Covenant 2
1232Soulkeeper upgradeHead, shoulder and chest transmog
1334Last trait soul bond 3Transmog back
13352% stamina
14th36Weapon illusion
14th37Weapon transmog


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