That is in our guide: On the following pages we explain everything you need to know about the Frost Mage in order to cut a good figure alone when questing, in instances and in raids. You get a rough overview of the most important skills and talents of the style of play and learn when and in which order you have to press your keys.

This first introduction page gives you an overview of what changes BfA has brought for the Frost Mage and how this style of play in the different areas of the game (Solo, Dungeons, Raid and PvP) generally performs.

The DpS Guide to the Frost Mage is on the BfA Patch 8.3 stand and is regularly updated by us to reflect new updates.

You can use this table of contents to quickly and easily find the area of ​​the Frost Mage Guide you are looking for.

WoW: Frost Mage – What is a Frost Mage?

The Mage class is the most iconic spell class in WoW (buy now for € 23.95), Magicians wear cloth dresses, stand as far away from the opponents at the back of the battlefield and throw powerful magic attacks around them. Each of their three specializations is dedicated to a particular school of magic. Arcane mages mainly fight with arcane magic, fire magicians use fire magic for their spells and frost magicians – you guessed it immediately – have dedicated themselves to the use of frost magic.

Most frost spells not only cause damage, but also have slowdown effects that are particularly useful for keeping your enemies away from you. The frost magician is often accompanied by a water elemental who is at his side as a loyal servant.

Frost magicians are often accompanied by their bubbling friend, the water elemental.

Frost magicians are often accompanied by their bubbling friend, the water elemental.

Source: Buffed

WoW: Frost Mage – That changed with BfA

From a purely playful point of view, it could easily have happened that Frost magicians simply slept through the switch from Legion to BfA, because the gameplay hardly feels any different than usual. Sure, the elimination of artifact weapons and the perks associated with them was a hard blow for the Frosties – but so was all the other classes. Since almost all useful artifact abilities can now be found in the Frost Mage's talent tree and replace unused talents there, almost everything is as usual. One of the biggest differences in gameplay technology is probably that in Battle for Azeroth the Glacier spikeGame style has become mandatory in single-target matches. Your water elemental is now almost permanently with you again. But since you rarely have to steer it specifically and it has also forgotten its useful water jet ability, this changes little in a playful way.

WoW: Frost Mage – This is how strong the Frost Mage is in 8.3

While Frost was the dominant single-target game in WoW: Legion, Arcane and Fire easily outshine the specialization in BfA. The raid bosses in Ny'alotha do not have a single Frost Mage among the top rankings – Fire Mages dominate the statistics here.


Frost has been considered a good entry-level game for beginners by magicians for many add-ons. With leveling and playing alone you have little problems with it; the gameplay is intuitively easy to understand and the numerous slowdown effects are very useful for a ranged combat class with cloth armor. You easily knock normal enemies off before they even reach you, and you usually also stand up against rare elite monsters if you use your damage boosters and keep your distance. Since you unfortunately cannot heal yourself, it can make sense to take a short break and eat a portion of your self-conjured food.


Mages are welcome guests in instances because they are the powerful damage enhancer Time curvature and in BfA again the buff (strengthening effect) Arcane intelligence bring. They are also able to interrupt their opponents and steal dangerous buffs from them. All of this benefits a five-man group very much. Although fire magicians are usually in the lead in the mythical plus rankings, at least in the Tol Dagor instance, frost magicians are at the front, like the data from demonstrate.


Be honest: In Ny'alotha, frost magicians are among the biggest losers on average. As we showed in our large damage report on Ny'alotha, frost magicians are at the bottom of the damage classes for many bosses. Fire mages do a much better job. If you want to see for yourself, you are welcome to take a look at the rankings on throw.


Because frost magicians are mobile, have super good control effects and because the frosty playing style forgives mistakes rather than, for example, arcane, it is somewhat popular with magicians in PvP. According to however, only 1.3 percent of all players with a rating of over 1800 play as Frost Mages.

About our author

This guide was written by Carmen "Lanni" sweetheart written. She has been playing her magician for what feels like an eternity – more precisely, since The Burning Crusade. Although she changes her playing style depending on the raid requirements and is therefore currently a fire mage, she remains a frost mage at heart.

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