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Also in the new expansion World of Warcraft new game mechanics are introduced, which should make the fight or mass pulls more difficult. Here we present you a particularly violent one, which can be found at the Gromnest in the Ardenwald.

Since World of Warcraft Classic, the game mechanics have not only become more numerous, but also more sophisticated with every expansion – the fears, stuns or slows of the early days are now old hats. Their frequency and duration have increased significantly over time in parallel with the further development of itemization, but they are not particularly original. It is much more interesting, for example, if the mob or boss not only charges you, but also stands behind you. Or if you are transported to another room during a fight, from which you have to fight your way out before continuing.

Also interesting, if less unpopular, are the so-called "gauntlet runs", in which it is important to avoid several mobile obstacles without damage. A prime example of this are the Unleashed Sparks in front of Boss Galvazzt in the Temple of Sethraliss. In World of Warcraft Shadowlands we have now found a corner where this type of mechanics is a "stormy" experience, especially for pet classes. We are talking about the Gromnest in the south of the Ardenwald, where around a dozen dust elementals and one of the most powerful rarmobs of the expansion, Dustdauuf, are on their way. This rare, non-elite opponent is so strong that he can currently only be defeated by tank classes or warlocks in a minute-long fight. Despite healing, Jägerpets runs out of breath after just one minute.

As if this Rarmob wasn't hard enough to defeat, as soon as you enter the area, two to three very aggressive tornadoes are constantly interfering in the fight. Although they only cause moderate damage, they constantly push you and your pet around or even completely steal the pet by whirling it into the air. In itself, such a technique is nothing special and can be fun, but here the developers should definitely look again and program the tornadoes that permanently follow you from the first contact, a little less aggressively. In the following gallery you can have a look at the "Staubteufel" from the Ardenwald.

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