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In the current section of the story from WoW: Battle for Azeroth, the legendary cloak Ashjra'kamas, cloth of determination, plays a decisive role. To ensure that newcomers and returners do not stand in front of N'Zoth Mountain like the capless ox, Blizzard recently put an official guide online that reveals how you can get Ashjra'kamas.

In the current section of the WoW story (buy now for € 23.95): Battle for Azeroth plays the legendary cloak Ashjra'kamas, cloth of determination a crucial role. To ensure that newcomers and returners do not stand in front of N'Zoth mountain like the capless ox, Blizzard recently had one official guide posted online, revealing how you get Ashjra'kamas.

  1. Accept the quest "Return of the Black Prince" (Horde) or "An Unpleasant Adviser" (Alliance). If you meet all the requirements, you will receive this quest automatically. (If you don't see the quest, check that you meet the following requirements: Level 120 reached, Nazjatar unlocked, and the introductory experience to the quest "A Way Home" completed, Hearthforge activated, and essences unlocked for the Heart of Azeroth.)
  2. Find Magni in the ventricle to continue the introductory questline.
  3. Accompany Magni to Uldum in the halls of origin and face the challenges there.
  4. Find King Phaoris in Ramkahen and complete an attack on Uldum.
  5. Meet Magni Bronzebeard in the ventricle, and then ask Furorion about your new corrupt item as part of the "Suspicious Corruption" quest.
  6. Talk to MOTHER about your corrupted item to unlock Titanic Purification. Even if you can use it to purify corrupted objects, you should not refine your item at this time, (Note that the purification permanently removes any corruption from an item and thus all additional bonus effects.)
  7. Find Magni outside the Mogu'shane Vault at the Kun Lai Summit.
  8. Head to the Home of Knowledge in the Valley of Eternal Blossoms to speak to Doctrine Cho.
  9. Travel for a breath of smoke, seek out the Rajani and complete the attack on the Valley of Eternal Flowers.
  10. Accompany Magni to the machine of Nalak'sha in the Valley of Eternal Flowers and face the challenges there. (If you have already completed this step with another character, you can speak directly to Ra-den and skip the scenario.)
  11. Return to the ventricle with Ra-den. (If you speak to him again, he will take you there directly.)
  12. Speak to Magni to complete other quests in the ventricle. Then join him again in the halls of origin in Uldum and you will get a little taste of what lies ahead in a vision …
  13. Speak to Furorion in the ventricle and take the quest "Beginning of Descent".
  14. Enter the Blackwing Descent in the Burning Steppes at the top of the Blackrock and face the challenges at the end of which spoiled prey awaits you.
  15. Return to the Chamber of Hearts and speak to Furorion to complete the quest and receive your new legendary cloak: Ashjra'kamas, Cloth of Determination.

Put on your new cloak before you jump on the next quest – this will lead you back to the halls of origin and ultimately give you access to disturbing visions. You need a vessel of disturbing visions to enter. There you can improve your cloak and unlock new ranks. With each new rank, new bonuses are unlocked, such as better stats, increased protection against the loss of your mental health in visions, and resistance to the negative effects of tainted equipment.

Disturbing visions can be entered alone or with a group. If you want to team up with others, you can simply open the dungeon browser (standard shortcut: I) and search for a group of like-minded adventurers.

More information about the legendary cloak Ashjra'kamas is of course also on our website.

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