WoW: Good for Twinks – Torghast bonuses from Ve'nari account-wide

from Philipp Sattler
WoW Shadowlands is preparing to be the most twink-friendly expansion in a long time. In addition to Legendary recipes and the new Twink System, Threads of Fate, the improvements for Torghast, which you can buy from Ve'nari in the Maw, are also valid for all accounts.

The Maw and the Torghast it resides in are among the greatest features of WoW Shadowlands. The Tower of the Damned in particular is very popular with many players. And that, although or precisely because it sometimes has a fairly crisp level of difficulty. Fortunately, our heroes can gradually simplify life in Torghast. Because not everything in the throat wants to hurt us. The seedy Ve'nari may even be called an ally, even if we don't really know her intentions. It provides us with all sorts of facilities for our adventures in the gullet and Torghast. The latter in particular are very interesting, as Torghast for the soul ashes (resource of the Legendarys) is important for all players.

And in contrast to the simplifications in the Maw, the improvements Ve'nari sells you for Torghast are not limited to your character. The simplifications for Torghast are account-wide. This ensures that getting started with twinks is much easier. Because more choice or additional anima bonuses give your character a real boost. On the other hand, you can of course unlock the bonuses with your twinks and save the Stygia on the main character. For example, to get the legendary effect faster or to buy a base for your equipment – even if that should be more interesting for them at least. In any case, it's good to know that your twinks will also benefit from it and that you don't have to buy the improvements twice.

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