Count Denathrius was the leader of the Venthyr in WoW: Shadowlands, who secretly allied with the jailer to wreak havoc in World of Warcraft. After the Count’s defeat at Castle Nathria, Blizzard continues its story in Patch 9.1. Because as if out of nowhere, the Dread Lords appear everywhere in Revendreth. Their mission is clear – the Nathrezim want to free their true master, no matter what!

New cut scenes from Revendreth

Denathrius is the final boss in Castle Nathrila, who has been causing problems for countless raid groups to this day. But his influence extends well beyond the raid’s boundaries. He is an important protagonist in the story of Shadowlands, even more, he is the true guide of the story of Warcraft. There are two new cutscenes from the test server for Patch 9.1: Chains of Dominion. In both videos (source: LeystTV) we learn more about Denathrius’ grand plan and the mission of the Dread Lords.

In the first video we see the hunt for Dreadlords in Revedreth. This story runs roughly parallel to the events in Korthia. The Nathrezim are perfect spies. Infiltrating the Venthyr in Fall is a breeze. Mal’Ganis is a master at fooling mortals. So we are not surprised that we let him deceive us one more time.

In the second video we see the mysterious Queen of the Nathrezim. She is so similar to Denathrius that you might think he created a feminine version of himself. She grabs the sword Remornia, in which Denatrhius’ soul is imprisoned. Where it disappears to remains a secret for the time being.

Death and Argus

The planet Argus was a soulful world.  At the end of WoW Legion, the sleeping titan's soul awoke and Argus sided with Sargeras. & Nbsp;

The planet Argus was a soulful world. At the end of WoW Legion, the sleeping titan’s soul awoke and Argus sided with Sargeras.

Source: Buffed

We have long known that the Dread Lords were behind the founding of the Burning Legion and the creation of the Scourge. Much more interesting is that Mal’Ganis mentions Argus. He could mean the events on the draenei homeworld in WoW: Legion. You can certainly remember the long quest line with Alleria Windrunner. In the end, the high elf absorbed the void energy of a fallen naaru, sealing her fate. Who knows, perhaps the purified Nathrezim Lothraxion is behind the story of Alleria and the Void. This would at least sow the first seeds of discord between her and her husband Turalyon, who follows the path of light.

On the other hand, Mal’Ganis could also mean the titan Argus. His death could have triggered the judge’s coma. It is possible that it was Argus’ ardent soul that turned the judge off. We saw this scene in the cut scene in Oribos at the beginning of Shadowlands.

The call of the master

What a twist! All the chaos that currently reigns in the cosmos is part of Denathrius’ plan and the jailer is only a minor character. After his liberation, the Count will initially disappear from the scene and wait until we get his former ally out of the way. Should the jailer go through with his plans and fall in the process, Denathrius will have all the time in the world to reap the fruits of his success. Although we cannot fully grasp the extent of his intrigues at the moment, the devious Count will definitely remain with us as an adversary for a long time to come. Blizzard developers confirmed this at BlizzCon 2021!

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WoW Patch 9.1: Cinematic trailer for Chains of Dominion – King’s Grief

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