The Old God N'Zoth brings along WoW Patch 8.3 Fear and terror about Azeroth – and Blizzard is giving us as part of the so-called disturbing visions with new instanced endgame content that brings with it all sorts of fresh tasks and rewards. Among other things, we can create another legendary cloak with the help of Furorion and experience an alternative future in which N'Zoth has taken over. We explain you on the basis of an article by Vanion everything you need to know about this new endgame feature.

Update from January 06, 2020: We've added more information to the Disturbing Visions Rewards section. Included: equipment, essences and transmog rewards.

WoW: Disturbing visions – So you face madness

So you unlock the disturbing visions

Before you can enter the disturbing visions that are used to prepare for the actual fight against N'Zoth in Ny'alotha, you have to do a number of tasks:

  • Accepts the quest An unwelcome visitor (Allianz) respectively The return of the Black Prince (Horde), which appears automatically as soon as you log in.
  • Begins network diagnosis as part of the following questline in the ventricle and then travels to Uldum to the Forge of Destiny.
  • Complete the Destiny Forge scenario and then an attack by N'Zoth on Uldum.
  • Take the quest <a href = "" title = " Forge the future"target =" _ blank "> Forge the future , which also appears automatically, and switches the first rank of the azerite essence in the heart chamber Touching flames free.

    WoW: Horrorous Visions - How to Face Insanity (Guide) (3)

    WoW: Horrorous Visions – How to Face Insanity (Guide) (3)

    Source: Buffed

  • Now complete the subsequent quest line in the Valley of Eternal Flowers and an attack by N'Zoth on the valley.
  • Complete the scenario at Mogu'shan Palace before returning to the ventricle.
  • As part of the quest Introduction to the Energy Protocol, you will first enter the smithy of origin and then for the first time a disturbing vision.
  • Then you travel with Furorion as part of another scenario in the blackwing descent, around the legendary cloak Ashjra'kamas, cloth of determination unlock.
  • Now wait as part of the quest Deeper into the corruption the next horror vision on you. Have you also completed them, send yourself Descent into madness a third time in a vision.
  • Then you switch as part of the quest Opening the gate the shadowy gate through which you can enter the actual horror visions.
  • Now take the quest The darkest abyss , complete your first real horror vision and then defend the ventricle again to finally unlock titanic research (see below for more).

Into the fight: Enter the disturbing visions and face the madness

Once you have completed the preliminary skirmishes, you can finally enter the disturbing visions via the gate that has just been built. First you have to do that at Furorion Vessel of Disturbing Visions for 1,000 Manifest visions buy to use the gate. You get the Manifested Visions as currency for activities (daily quests, rare opponents etc.) in Uldum and the Valley of the Eternal Flowers, where N'Zoth blows to attack.

WoW: Patch 8.3 - Visions of N'Zoth - Corrupted capitals

WoW: Horrorous Visions – How to Face Insanity (Guide) (1)

Source: Blizzard

If you have bought the vessel of disturbing visions from Furorion, you can go to the gate and register for the associated scenario. This works both as a group and as an individual – for the group, however, only one character needs the vessel. Then Furorion either sends you to the alternative storm wind or to Orgrimmar, depending on which vision is currently active in the respective week.

The insanity gnaws at your mental health

As soon as you enter the Disturbing Vision, a resource bar appears at the bottom of the screen that shows your mental health. This in turn decreases every second. If your mental health is exhausted or you die, MOTHER teleports you back into the heart chamber and the scenario is over.

How much your mental health declines per second depends on the area of ​​the vision you are in. In Orgrimmar it looks like this:

  • Fixed Grommash – Defeat Thrall (five units of mental health per second)
  • Valley of Spirits – Help Zekhan save the shamans (seven units of mental health per second)
  • The Alley – Evacuates Garona and the Civilians (seven units of mental health per second)
  • Valley of Wisdom – Help Greya'rah take revenge (nine units of sanity per second)
  • Valley of Honor – Defend Rexxar and its animals (nine units of sanity per second)

whirlwind consists of the following areas:

  • Cathedral District – Defeat Alleria (five units of sanity per second)
  • Commercial District – Supports Halford Wyrmbane (seven units of mental health per second)
  • Dwarf District – Free Kelsey Steel Spark and place bombs (seven units of mental health per second)
  • Old Town – Help Valeera stop Master Mathias Shaw (nine units of sanity per second)
  • Mage Quarter – Stop Magister Umbric (nine units of mental health per second)

In addition there is different affixesthat in different

WoW: Horrorous Visions - How to face insanity (Guide) (2)

WoW: Horrorous Visions – How to face insanity (Guide) (2)

Source: Buffed

Areas of horror vision are active. The affixes change from week to week, and the same affix can occur in several areas of a vision at the same time:

Protect your mental health with buff food and titanium research

Fortunately, you are not completely exposed to the insanity of the disturbing visions. Firstly, you have the opportunity to help yourself with various buff foods. You can read which recipes are available to you in our separate article on buff food in the Horrorische Visions,

Second, you can use the currency Corrupted souvenirthat you collect in the visions that use so-called titanic research. To do this, you select various reinforcements on a console, which is located next to MOTHER in the heart chamber, which make your way through the visions easier. You will need to invest a total of 98,250 Corrupted Keepsakes if you want to unlock all of the following buffs:

  • <a href = "" title = "Ball Manual "target =" _ blank ">Ball Manual – 250 Cursed Keepsake, One Level: You can summon up to three cleaning orbs when you are in a disturbing vision (the limit applies to the entire group). The bullet revives all nearby allies and restores their mental health.
  • Emergency Schädeldefribrillation – 2,000 cursed souvenirs, one level: as soon as you die or lose your sanity, you rise again and receive 500 units of sanity. This works once per disturbing vision.
  • Singular cleaning customer – 1,500 Cursed Souvenir, Three Levels: Reduces your damage taken and increases your damage dealt by five / ten / 15 percent (depending on the level). This effect is reduced by one / two / three percent for each ally that is within 15 meters of you.
  • Awake mind – 1,500 cursed souvenirs, three levels: Increases the maximum mental health of your group members by 100/200/300 depending on the level.
  • Synchronized thought stabilizer – 2,000 cursed souvenirs, one level: The first revival of an ally during a disturbing vision does not cost mental health.
  • Elite extermination – 5,000 Cursed Keepsake, one level: If you kill an elite in a Disturbing Vision, you restore 200 units of sanity.
  • Experimental destabilization – 10,000 cursed souvenirs, three levels: If you have more than 50 percent mental health, you will deal damage increased by four / eight / twelve percent depending on the level. If you have less than 50 percent mental health, you take four / eight / twelve percent less damage depending on the level.
  • Clear view – 10,000 Cursed Keepsakes, Three Levels: You can see Treasure Chests in the Twisted / Corrupted / Lost Distressing Visions areas.
  • <a href = "" title = "vision hunters "target =" _ blank ">vision hunters – 10,000 cursed souvenirs, three levels: If you kill an enemy, you increase the damage you deal by one / two / three percent for ten seconds, depending on the level. This buff stacks up to five times.
  • <a href = "" title = "Gift of the titans "target =" _ blank ">Gift of the titans – 20,000 Cursed Keepsake, one level: If you defeat enemies in the Disturbing Visions, there is a certain probability that you will receive the Titan buff, which increases your pace and movement speed by 60 percent for 20 seconds.

You also have the option to make your visions more difficult to get better rewards. For this you use the masks of the faceless, the function of which we will also tell you in a separate article to explain.

This will be legendary: the rewards and achievements of the disturbing visions

Speaking of rewards: There are plenty of these in the Disturbing Visions. First of all, you get from Furorion the legendary cloak Ashjra'kamas, cloth of determination, which you gradually upgrade by completing the disturbing visions. In addition, you collect corrupted souvenirs that you can exchange for various items at Furorion. After all, you get more interesting loot from rare opponents, by completing the visions themselves and through various successes.

WoW Patch 8.3 legendary cloak of Ashjra'kamas

WoW: Horrorous Visions – How to Face Insanity (Guide) (1)

Source: Blizzard


If you defeat Thrall or Alleria in the Disturbing Visions, you will acquire a piece of equipment whose item level depends on how many goals you achieved in the vision and how many masks were active. The base item level is 420, in the best case there are rewards with item level 470 (5 completed goals plus 5 activated masks).


You can earn three new essences for your character in the Disturbing Visions:

Rank 1 of the essences is already there when you open the chest at Thrall or Alleria. For rank 2 of the essences you have to open the boxes of Rexxar, Geya'rah, Magister Umbric or Matthias Shaw in the "Hart Tier" areas. For rank 3 you need 45 <a href = "" title = "Spark of Unwavering Power"target =" _ blank ">Spark of Unwavering Power, With each run you can find one spark in the corrupted areas and three sparks in the lost areas. Anyone who is keen on rank 4 masters for Through the depths of the visions the associated successes in the Disturbing Visions.

collecting items

Rewards from Furorion

  • Punched out eye by N'Zoth – Sold by Furorion in the Ventricle for 25,000 Corrupted Keepsake, sockets a corrupt item
  • Terrible core – Reward for various quests from Furorion, upgrade the legendary cloak by one rank

Special transmog rewards

You will earn the masks as a transmog reward if you master all of the Disturbing Vision goals in one run while wearing a faceless mask.


So you see: The disturbing visions have a lot of cool rewards and content to offer. We wish you much success in preparing for the confrontation with N'Zoth. May your mind not fall mad!

WoW: Video preview of Blizzard on Patch 8.3 and Classic

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