Blizzard invites you every year to the brew festival in World of Warcraft, which is based on the Munich Oktoberfest (buy now 15.00 € ) a. All kinds of festivities await you at the gates of the capitals Orgrimmar and Iron Forge. In 2019 the event starts on September 20th and lasts until October 6th. The alliance brewing festival is in the usual place in Dun Morogh, the Horde brewing festival is from the gates of the city at Felshauerhof in Durotar.

For the brew festival in WoW, the best master brewers of the dwarves, goblins, ogres and pandaren come together to present their latest brewed delights. By the way, you can not only nibble on brew festival delicacies, but also hire yourself out as a barkeeper and as a beer supplier. And that is sorely needed if you want to achieve the brewing festival success!

Update – NEW in 2020:

After there were quite a few innovations for the WoW Brewfest last year, you shouldn't expect any adjustments in the current beer series, which runs from September 20th to October 6th. Only those Loot from Coren Direbrew got an update to item level 425 (previously 395).

Update – NEW in 2019: While the developers did not make major changes to one of WoW's biggest annual events last year, this year there are finally some cool new features, including various items and visual adjustments:

You get the champion tokens of the munching fight via a Mini gamewhich was bugged until recently. Meanwhile, Blizzard has this bug along with a few others over one Hotfix Fixed. Details about the hotfix can be found in the official WoW forum.

NEW IN 2018: This year, of course, the loot of Coren Düsterbräu is buffed again, this time you can get a piece of jewelry with an item level of 289. In addition, you can now visit Coren with low-level characters and thus increase your chances of getting the two mounts. Here is an overview of Coren's pieces of jewelry that the dwarf carried in his pockets in 2018 (the correct item levels are not yet in the databases):

Update from September 21, 2018:

At the start of the Brewfest this year, there was a problem like that WoW developers on the official forums have announced. At character level 120, the jewelry should have an item level of 335, not an item level of 289. A hotfix has already been installed on the WoW server and this is also retroactive. That means: If you have already got hold of a piece of jewelery in its 289 version, then it now has item level 335!

WoW Guide: The Brew Festival – Items from the dealers

Bavarian folk festival atmosphere in World of Warcraft - dwarfs in leather fumbling and meadow costumes.

Bavarian folk festival atmosphere in World of Warcraft – dwarfs in leather fumbling and meadow costumes.

Source: Buffed

You can exchange for

Brewfest brand

get hold of lots of items. You earn the Brewfest tokens by completing the ram race as well as some daily quests – have a look at our tips on the race and the quests below.

The brew festival itself takes place at the gates of Orgrimmar and at the gates of the iron forge. There are also beer gardens outside of Silbermond, Darnassus, Undercity, Stormwind, Donnerfels, the Exodar and Shattrath, which you can romp about, but which have no ram races or Mirkbrew invasions to offer. At the festival you will get tokens for completed tasks, which you can use Belbi lightning clips (Alliance, Dun Morogh – coordinates: 56.38) and Blix fixed stand (Horde, in front of Orgrimmar – coordinates: 40.18) redeems. Below is an overview of the goods and their prices.

WoW Guide: The Brew Festival – Coren Gloom Brew

Coren Düsterbräu - still pixelated

Coren Düsterbräu – still pixelated

Source: Blizzard

Coren Düsterbräu is a special boss in the Blackrock tavern – it's best to visit him via the dungeon finder. Because you will receive one once a day Barrel-shaped treasure chestwho, in addition to brewing festivals,

Fast brewing ram

also a

Great brew festival codo

may contain. With the introduction of WoW: Legion, there are familiar weapons such as the excellent horror tankards also with item level 880 – but thanks to the artifact weapons they will not arouse much interest. All information about the loot of Coren can be found in the update part for Battle for Azeroth at the top of the guide.

To attack Coren, all you have to do is talk to him. When you lift the dwarf out of your boots for the first time, he'll leave the quest item on top of that

Direbrew's Direbrew


Direbrew's Direbrew

fall. When you hand in the item, you will receive 40 once

Brewfest brand


WoW Guide: The Brew Festival – Quests & ram races

This is ram race … at least almost (once)
Alliance: Neill Ramstein
Horde: Aries Master Ray

The WoW Brew Festival (1)

The WoW Brew Festival (1)

Source: Buffed

You use the ability to power your ram


, which is shown to you as an extra button in your interface and presses it every second to move faster. If you would like to assign a key to this button, you will find it under the name "Additional action button 1" in your keyboard layout. You can ride at the following speeds: slow run, trot, light gallop, and gallop. With a light gallop you exhaust your ram by one point, with a gallop by five points per second. As soon as you reach an exhaustion value of 100 points, even every sea turtle travels faster than you are. So make sure you ride close to the apple baskets that are placed on the racetrack, in order to completely cancel out the ram's exhaustion. So it goes on quickly.

There and back (one time)
Alliance: Neill Ramstein
Horde: Aries Master Ray

In this riding quest, too, you only have a limited time to complete the task – you should bring three barrels to Aries Master Ray or Neil Ramstein before your ram disappears. Drive your ram to a gallop and ride right past the apple baskets – this will reduce your exhaustion again. The first two baskets are about halfway down the track, one by the quest giver and one behind the barrel thrower, which you ignore. You can turn around a bit in front of the barrel thrower. He just throws the barrel after you. When you hand the barrel over to the quest giver, simply ride past him and the basket near him to lower your ram exhaustion. As a reward you will receive 10

Brewfest brand


Attention Hordler! Your riding route has changed. Instead of riding towards Razor Hill as in previous years, we now go through the blockade of Dranosh'ar past Orgrimmar to the bone cave in the east of Durotar. Take a look at the route beforehand, because the apple baskets you use to lift the ram's exhaustion are quite scarce. It's best to ride through the orcs' camp just behind the relocated Brewfest and then follow the road to the bone cave.

Brew for the brew party (Every day)
Alliance: Neill Ramstein
Horde: Aries Master Ray
The daily quest "Brew for the Brewfest" gives you the chance to get a few extra

Brewfest brand

dust off. Don't be confused: The quest is immediately completed. For this you will receive a racing ram for four minutes with which you can pick up barrels. There are two kegs for every barrel delivered within the timeframe

Brewfest brand

and a bonus of 30 seconds that your Aries is available longer.

Get rid of that stuff! (once)

The WoW Brew Festival (3)

The WoW Brew Festival (3)

Source: Buffed

In order to be practiced with your weapon – the free beer mug – during regular attacks by the dark dwarfs, you will be from Bissel quick lift respectively Boxi bolt driver asked to look at the A.L.K. Refine your throwing skills. Meet your A.L.K. five times, wave you ten as a reward

Brewfest brand

. The best way to solve this task is to position yourself precisely in your goal. Wait until he pauses briefly in one place and then give him a targeted throw with the beer mug of Saures up close. This technique should also be used when attacking the dark dwarfs, as it minimizes the number of missed throws.

Barkers for the …! (Every day)
Alliance: Becan barley brew, Thunderbrew on it
Horde: Ja'ron, Kort quarry stone
In order to be able to accept the quests, you must first have familiarized yourself with the ram race through the tasks of Aries Master Ray (Horde) or Neill Ramstein (Alliance). Read the quest description carefully and run or ride the points beforehand, if necessary, so that you don't get lost. Like running, your Aries suffers from exhaustion. So make sure that you never get 100 points on the exhaustion debuff. Assign a button of your choice to the button for the "Hü-Hott" ability. You ride at a gentle gallop until you reach the first flag. Then you trot on to the second flag – so the exhaustion slowly goes down, trying to get below 20 points. Then you ride, again at a light trot, to the third and fourth flags, and gallop back to the quest giver after the last exclamation point. As a reward you will receive 15

Brewfest brand

That one time when I was drunk … (daily)
Usually on the full and half hour, the dark iron gnomes attack the brewing festival by creating chaos on the festival grounds with huge metal drills. You drive away the troublemakers by your Free samples of the brew festival filled on the dwarfs shipyard. You don't have to aim anything, it is enough to drink free beer fast enough. Place the beer mug on a key beforehand. As soon as the attack starts, turn in the direction of the attacking dwarves and press the button to throw.

Since the Dark Iron are trying to destroy the three large free beer kegs, it is best to position yourself so that you always have them in view. If an attacker gets too close to one of the barrels, give preference to throwing your next empty tankard in his direction. If you survive the attack, which lasted a few minutes, without the Dark Iron dwarves being able to destroy all the barrels, you have fought off the brawls. Be sure to look around after the attack. If you were successful, there is a gear on the floor that you can do a quest once a day (That time when I was drunk … respectively That time when I was drunk …) that gives you additional tokens.

In Ghostbusters fashion you catch the pink ghost elekks that you only see with a decent alcohol level. The quest for this has not existed for a few years.

In Ghostbusters fashion you catch the pink ghost elekks, which you only see with a decent alcohol level. The quest for this has not existed for a few years.

Source: Buffed

Brewfest quests that haven't been available for several years:

  • The quest "Catch the wild Wolpertinger!" has been removed, instead offer Blix Fixstand and Belbi lightning clips a Wolpertinger tankard for 200 brewing festival brands for sale.
  • The Quest "Parade of the Pink Elekks "has been removed. Instead, you can now exchange one for 100 at the well-known brand dealers Little pink pachyderms acquire.
  • To you guys the title Brewmaster of the Horde respectively Brewmaster of the Alliance To snap, you must complete six achievements during the Brewfest in order to meet the conditions for the meta-achievement "What a long, strange journey …". Success hunters grab the four additional achievements to get a few more success points.

WoW Guide: The Brew Festival – successes

Beer of the month
Join the 'Beer of the Month e.V.' and do the quest

Membership application for the "Beer of the Month e.V."

by purchasing the membership application. Alliance players do this at Belbi Blitzknips (Dun Morogh) or Larkin Donnerbräu (Iron Forge), Hordler must go to Blix Fixtand (Durotar) or Ray'ma (Orgrimmar).

Happiness is with the blind (not necessary for meta success)
During the Brewfest, fall 65 yards without dying while you die

Synthesis goggles

wearing. You can rely on the success How low can you fall? that you have certainly already mastered. For example, you can fly to the terrace of the seers in Shattrath and from there jump past the elevator into the depths. The glasses are free for Hordler at Goldark Jägerspatz and for Alliance players at Goldark Spatzenjäger, both of which are located immediately to the left behind the entrance to the respective brewery festival of your faction.

The Brewfest Diet
Eat 8 of the brew feast meals:

You can get the food in Dun Morogh and Durotar:

  • Meat products: Keiran Donoghue (Dun Morogh) and Bron (Durotar)
  • Cheese specialties: Agnes Fernschimmer (Durotar) and Anne Sommers (Dun Morogh)
  • Bread: Arlen Lochlan (Dun Morogh) and Uta Roughdough (Durotar)

Kill Coren Direbrew. Coren is in the Blackrock Depths. The option for Coren Düsterbräu can be found in the dungeon finder (standard assignment: I). You can kill Coren as many times a day as you want, but you can

Barrel-shaped treasure chest

You can only get it on the first visit of the day to Coren via the dungeon finder.

Got a barrel, now I want to travel

Earn or turn your mount into one by using Brewfest hops. With the

Preserved brewery hops


Fresh brewed hops

you can put a festive costume on your mount and thereby also earn success. You can get the brew festival hops from Belbi Blitzknips (Dun Morogh) or Blix Fixtand (Durotar) for two or 20 brew festival tokens. If you are lucky, you will get the permanent mounts from the

Barrel-shaped treasure chest

, which you will receive on the first daily visit to Coren Düsterbräu via the dungeon finder.

Keep your hands off my Wolpertinger!
Obtain a Wolpertinger pet. Buy yourself at Belbi lightning clips (Dun Morogh) or Blix fixed stand (Durotar) one


for 200 brewing festival brands.

Down with the Dark Iron dwarves
Defend the brewery camp from the attack of the Dark Iron dwarves and complete the quest "This once when I was drunk …" by collecting the secret attack plans after the battle, accepting the quest and with Bissel Schnellhub in front of Orgrimmar or with Boxi bolt driver speaks in front of iron forge.

Strange brew (not necessary for meta success)
Drink the brewery beers listed below.



Public disturbance of the peace (not necessary for meta success)

Put on three brewery garments, make sure you're full of stars, and dance in Dalaran. You can buy the necessary parts of the brewing costume for brewing festival brands from the already known dealers of the brewing festival. You have to buy at least three parts from the dealers' offer. Expect a price of 350 brewing festival tokens for the complete set.

The beer of the year (not necessary for meta success)
Try twelve beers that appear in Beer of the Month e.V. You will receive the twelve beers in the mail every month after you have become a member of Beer of the Month e.V.

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WoW: The brew festival in Azeroth

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