We'll show you what's going on with the weapon warrior with WoW (buy now for € 23.95): Battle for Azeroth changed, explain the strengths and weaknesses of the gameplay and compare the performance of the Furor Warrior in raids, arenas and in solo play with the performance of other classes and gameplay. On the other pages you will also find a short beginner's guide, we explain in detail the skills and talents of the "Arms" warrior and give you solid information on how to play in order to get the most out of the weapon warrior in raids and Mythic dungeons.

You can use this table of contents to quickly and easily find the area of ​​the weapons warrior guide you are looking for.

That's how powerful the weapon warrior is in patch 8.3

With the right azerite traits and essences (and sometimes even corruption effects), the weapon warrior deals a lot of damage. Similar to the wildness druid, it is often underestimated and is not preferred by many warriors because the Furor style of play is somewhat easier to use.

In dungeons

The weapons warrior is not represented in the dream team of the teams that tackle the really high key stones (+15 and higher), because villains and demon hunters bring more advantages as melee. Otherwise, you are welcome in every Mythisch-Plus group, as you bring along good melee and area damage and the melee buff battle cry.

The weapon warrior in raids

A warrior is always required in the raid, otherwise none war cry is present, the buff can also be distributed with war roles, but they only grant seven percent attack power. Basically, you usually have a raid place with slightly poorer equipment. In damage, you score an excellent third place overall in all damage dealers in the mythical mode of Ny'alotha.

This is how you do in PvP

Weapon warriors are very strong in the arena and can also play on the very high ratings in different team compositions above. Although you do more raw damage with the Fury gameplay, you reduce the healing received from your opponents by up to 50 percent and, in contrast to the Furor gameplay, you have the option of using the defensive stance to switch and thus increase your chances of survival. The correct use of defensive stance is half the battle on the lower ratings.

About our authors

This guide was written by Sebastian "Cromatus" Glanzer. Sebastian has been playing since Classic WoW and has been romping around in the raids and dungeons of every expansion. He has been playing his warrior since WoD and raids with it alternately with the weapon or furor style of play.

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