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On February 4th (!) 2020, the developers of Blizzard had played a hotfix on the World of Warcraft live servers, which among other things should make the dungeon boss and raven prince Anzu tame for hunters from the Sethekkhallen. Since then, numerous hunters have certainly traveled to the old TBC instance, only to find out that the boss cannot be tamed at all. The bug still seems to exist more than five weeks after the patch was implemented.

At the beginning of the year, the developers of Blizzard applied several hotfixes to the World of Warcraft live servers, which had some nice surprises in store for hunters in particular. Let's take that as an example Hotfix package from February 4th, which included the following changes:


  • Hunter
    • Angered bull, Anzu, Blaithe, doe, large-horned deer, Grimmschwinge, wind-up monkey and Eberhard can now be tamed.
    • Ji-Kun, Ssinkrix, Qroshekx and Xaarshej now keep their name after taming.

Call the raven prince Anzu his own animal companion? Hey, it's worth the trip to The Burning Crusade's set-up halls! Hunters who thought exactly that when reading the patch notes were disappointed: Anzu couldn't be tamed. And even now, more than five weeks after the patch was implemented, players are reporting how Albino freaks on Reddit (via Vanion) that the bug is still in play. The affected hunter even states that he has visited the instance every single day since the patch release, tried to tame and then wrote a bug report.

The good news: Fortunately, Anzu does not have a unique model. Alternatively, hunters can also head to Mount Hyjal and the quest giver mentioned in the patch notes Blaithe tame. Before that, however, you have to summon Blaithe by completing the quest line Swing over the hyjal graduated from Choluna. Warning: Some players report that Blaithe should also be bugged. Taming works, but the animal's animations are apparently not displayed correctly.

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