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With the start of the second phase of the pre-event for WoW: Shadowlands, the developers of Blizzard not only introduced new quests, but also halved the respawn timer for the Icecrown bosses. In other words: every ten minutes the villains known from WotLK appear. The entire rotation now takes 3 hours and 20 minutes.

Who of you still needs Papa's as good as new bag, Reins of the blue proto-dragon or do you want to equip his twinks a little for the upcoming WoW expansion Shadowlands? We have good news for you! With the Start of the second phase of the pre-event Blizzard halved Icecrown bosses respawn timers.

The bosses still don't appear randomly, but according to a fixed pattern, starting today every 10 minutes (previously 20). A complete run now takes three hours and 20 minutes (previously six hours and 40 minutes). So we know exactly when which boss appears in Icecrown and when you next have the chance of, for example, the 34 bag. Here are the times for today, November 17th, 2020:

And here again the coordinates of all bosses:

/ way 49.7 32.7 Blood Queen Lana'thel
/ way 57.1 30.3 Professor Putricide
/ way 51.1 78.5 Lady Deathwhisper
/ way 57.8 56.1 Skadi the Ruthless
/ way 52.4 52.6 Ingvar the Plunderer
/ way 54.0 44.7 Prince Keleseth
/ way 64.8 22.1 The Black Knight
/ way 70.7 38.4 Bronjahm
/ way 47.2 66.1 Scourgelord Tyrannus
/ way 58.6 72.5 Forgemaster Cooking Frost
/ way 58.2 83.4 Marwyn
/ way 50.2 87.9 Falric
/ way 80.1 61.2 The Prophet Tharon'ja
/ way 77.8 66.1 Novos the Summoner
/ way 58.3 39.4 Trollgore
/ way 67.5 58.0 Krik'thir the Gatewatcher
/ way 29.6 62.2 Prince Taldaram
/ way 44.2 49.1 Elder Nadox
/ way 31.6 70.5 Noth the Plague Bringer
/ way 34.4 68.5 Patchwork CAVE ENTRANCE
/ way 36.5 67.4 Patch Factory

How does it look: have you been lucky with the loot of the Icecrown bosses? Let us know in the comments!

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