In today's WowChakra livestream interview With Game Director Ion Hazzikostas there was a lot of new information, such as upcoming buffs for Battle for Azeroth, the intent of the endless dungeon Torghast, Bolvar's role in the pre-patch, legendary items, PvP and more. Below is a summary of the highlights:

The current call buff, which is still active until May 18, will not be extended, but new ones will follow – possibly those related to the legendary cloak or the chase to catch up with corruption. Further news will follow shortly.

Bolvar will most likely be seen in the pre-expansion event / pre-patch and will be our liaison to take us to the Shadowlands. This could indicate that we will gather somewhere, which is necessary to be able to enter the Shadow Lands on behalf of Bolvar.

Torghast will also have events where the specifics of the event will affect part of the tower for a few weeks and change the gameplay. But there will be no special event at the beginning of the expansion. The developers are also trying to revise the loading screens as they have to be present due to the random nature of the floors.

The Shadow Land timeline isn't just speeding up or slowing down – it's messy and complicated, and we'll only know how much time passed in Azeroth after the expansion was completed (or after a few patches).

The current Torghast is not as it will be live. The very long runs, the progress and difficulty curve, the anima powers etc. – all of this is only for testing and should look different in the final version. The intent is to have shorter runs, so the anima build will definitely make you stronger and make things easier for a while. But it shouldn't be getting easier all the time.

WoW Shadowlands: Masterly items are the basis for legendary items - so it is worthwhile to learn professions like blacksmith or leather processor again.

WoW Shadowlands: Masterly items are the basis for legendary items – so it is worthwhile to learn professions like blacksmith or leather processor again.

Source: Buffed

Legendary items can only be made on the basis of special craft items (see the picture above), which in turn have to be made by blacksmiths, leather workers, etc. – craft professions should be worthwhile again. You will then turn these handcrafted items into Legendaries at the Runsmith.

Armor set bonuses are currently still in flux as developers don't want players to be tied to 4 specific pieces of armor. Shadowlands has a lot more loot from different sources.

The team continues to build on Shadowlands war mode. There could be more "Free for All" instead of faction events, including challenges between the four pacts.

And here are some of the minor news:

  • All peoples will eventually receive traditional armor.
  • There will be a legendary catch-up system for second characters at some point.
  • Pact-specific transmogs only work if you are in this pact.
  • Torghast will have his own game successes.
  • There is a separate room at the runesmith entrance where you can craft the Legendaries.
  • New classes do not start with a particular specialization. At the end of the starting area there are class coaches who will teach you about the specializations.
  • The minimum system requirements for Shadowlands are not dramatically increased due to new graphics options.
  • Oribos will be available in Alpha next week. Oribos will function similarly to Dalaran in Legion, while the Sanctum of the Pact is similar to the Order Hall.

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