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When pre-patch 9.x for the eighth World of Warcraft expansion Shadowlands, among other things, the rich experience bonuses on the heirloom items disappeared, the "Twink" fans were very disappointed. But there is now an alternative that is at least as good. You can find out more about this in the following game tip.

The island expeditions in Battle for Azeroth weren't exactly the great gaming experience it was advertised as. But the blunt farming of mobs and azerite in fast forward could soon become the best speed level content of the Shadowlands expansion or its pre-patch 9.x. As soon as you reach level 10 with your new hero, or start as a member of an allied race, Battle for Azeroth is available as a level option.

Instead of going to Chromie, who offers all the expansions before BfA asl level path, you go straight to your faction capital and accept the BfA start quest. Arrived on Zandalar (Horde) or Kul Tiras (Alliance), you complete the introductory quests and then go to the mission table of the island expedition. Click on the table and simply register for an expedition.

On the islands you do nothing more than farm mobs and collect the azerite from various sources until you have reached 6,000 azerite and the expedition is over. The numerous rare mobs have the highest priority during speed farming – just look at the map. The experience gained is more than remarkable, especially at a low level. Up to level 25 you can easily climb 1 level (before the patch it was 2!) Per run, which, including the waiting time and depending on the quality of the group, takes about 10 to 15 minutes. Up to level 40 there are still around half a level per run. It is also interesting that the lower your fellow players are, the faster the progress on the islands. The fact that the mobs and bosses then fall over like flies is related to the new level scaling.

Have fun!

Wow: With the help of island expeditions from level 10 to 50 speed levels (1) (source: buffed)

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