WoW: It's all in the mix – guide to success

Whoever completes the main and side quests distributed throughout the zone in Maldraxxus will sooner or later also come to the largely destroyed House of Plagues. Although the house itself is history when we arrive, the reservoir of mixed monstrosities is still there – much to our advantage. Because we can support the alchemists near the reservoir and get a number of chic rewards. To do this, we have to mix a certain slime mixture in the large pool of the reservoir, which then creates a rare enemy. Depending on which opponent we summon in this way, this loot drops like a mount, a pet or a backpack. If you also mix all seven different mixtures and knock down the respective rare opponents, you get the success "It's all in the mix".

The right mix – all opponents and rewards at a glance

If you want to bag the success and relieve the rare opponents of their loot, you must first travel to the reservoir of mixed monstrosities at the House of Plagues. The reservoir is located in the southeast of Maldraxxus and is practically impossible to miss: A large pool with an ingredient display shows you the way. Before you can start summoning the rare opponents, you have to complete the associated quest series that begins with the task "Customs full of plague"begins (at NPC Judas Schniep, 58/72).

WoW: It's all in the mix - Guide to success and an overview of all rewards (2)

WoW: It's all in the mix – Guide to success and an overview of all rewards (2)

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Your task is then to throw a total of 30 ingredients or slimes into the pool. Depending on which composition of the three different types of slime you collect, the corresponding rare opponent appears at the end. To collect the slimes you need, all you have to do is kill the enemies near the alchemist camp. When they die, these leave behind small puddles of slime that you can collect and then bring to the pool. Depending on which opponents you kill, you will receive one of the three slime colors for the pool:

Depending on how you mix the mixture in the pool, the following rare enemies will appear:

The whole thing has one more catch: All players in the area can put slime in the pool, so that they may screw up the beating for you if they contribute the wrong ingredients. So it's best to do the success and the farming for the rewards in a larger group in order to be able to summon the desired opponents as quickly as possible. If you find yourself at the pool at a time when as few other players as possible are online, you should have a relatively easy game.

Drops not guaranteed – low chance

The prey mentioned is not guaranteed by the way and in most cases has a very low chance of dropping. All opponents also leave the item with an equally low probability Salvaged containment backpack fall. You will get the quest "Fill the tanks", which you will receive with the transmog item "Flawless containment backpack"Rewarded. If you want to own all the rewards of the Abomination Reservoir, you should prepare yourself for a few long farm sessions. We wish you every success and lots of luck!

Source: Vanion

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