WoW: Jenafur puzzle – new clues via fundraising campaign for cancer research

from Karsten Scholz
For many months, players in the WoW community have been brooding over the mystery of Jenafur, the pet cat. The hints so far have led the nut-lover to Karazhan, but so far there has been no further progress. Now the co-creator of the puzzle, Amara Strande, has spoken out and started a fundraising campaign for cancer research. It promises further information when certain milestones are reached in the course of the campaign.

The people in charge at Blizzard have been working with the "Make a wish"Foundation. For example, there were already various in-game pets, the proceeds of which were then passed on by the developers to the foundation. Last year, the collaboration also brought a young woman by the name of Amara Strande to the Blizzard headquarters in Irvine, who has a rare form of liver cancer.

Amara didn't just use the visit to Blizzard for a chat, she was also allowed to let off steam creatively. She composed her own song for WoW (buy now 15.00 € ) and developed that Jenafur puzzle with which various players in the community have been grappling their teeth for many months. The previous hints have led the head nut lovers to Karazhan, but how to get the special cat pet is still only known by the creators.

Recently Amara got on Gofundme launched a fundraising campaign to provide cancer research with a small windfall on the one hand and to provide WoW players with further information on the Jenafur puzzle on the other. Specifically, she promises that she will publish a new notice in the "WoW Secret Finding" discord when her fundraising campaign raises $ 5,000 for cancer research. If the puzzle is not solved after that, there is another clue at 10,000 US dollars.

In the video below, Amara and her sister talk a little about the action and the Jenafur puzzle:

We give you a thumbs up for the campaign and we wish Amara and her family all the best!

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