WoW: Korrak's revenge is back

from Sara Petzold
Just in time for the 16th birthday of World of Warcraft, the WoW developers have again unlocked the PvP event Korrak's Vengeance, known from last year. However, there is one change this year that should not please all players.

We have good news and bad news for you. The good news: That Korrak's Revenge PvP Event, which includes the historical variant of the Alterac Valley, returns with the 16th birthday of WoW back into the game. The bad news: You can no longer level twinks quickly via the event.

The editorial staff of Wowhead reports with reference to the experiences of various players that the developers have apparently massively weakened the amount of experience points that you can collect on the battlefield of Korrak's Revenge. While you were able to advance two or three levels per PvP game in 2019, a match now only earns one percent of experience points for a level without any experience bonus. In addition, the amount of XP decreases as you reach higher level regions.

The reason for the significantly lower amounts of XP compared to last year are not just the developers' nerfs. After all, this year players will no longer benefit from the heirlooms' crass experience bonus. So leveling twinks via the PvP event Korrak's Revenge is definitely no longer worth it this year. But you can still farm honor points and secure the two anniversary mounts Battle Ram of Stormpikes and Frostwolf Growler.

By the way: If you are disappointed that you can no longer quickly level up Korrak's revenge, you should take a look at our speed level guides. The level squeeze of patch 9.0.1 means that you can now level significantly faster than before the Shadowlands pre-patch, for example above certain level routes or the Island expeditions.

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