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Grandfather Winter is kind to the WoW heroes again and has packed two presents under the tree this year. You can look forward to the Pet-Raptor Klingeling and the Kranzerang toy for the Winter Veil 2020 gift show. Grab your present now!

It's very Christmassy, ​​also in the World of Warcraft. And it has become a tradition for Grandfather Winter to pack you a present under the Winter Breath tree on December 25th from 10:00 (!), Which you will find in iron forge in front of the bank and in Orgrimmar in front of the war chief's hut.

Just as traditional are the hordes of heroes who gather in front of the Christmas tree to unpack the parcels, hours before the presents are presented. In 2020 you will get a wobbling pet box from your Winter Veil package. If you click on these again, your pet collection will bring Klingeling – a little raptor that can wear a wreath around its neck and a candy cane in its claw at Christmas time. Incidentally, it is not known under what conditions this effect is triggered. Just try multiple incantations if the dinosaur-style holiday decorations fail – it can be assumed that they only appear during the winter breath anyway. Klingeling is a pet of the wild animal species and comes on level 1 with the attack jumping.

Klingeling - your winter breath gift 2020 - is available with and without a Christmas wreath and candy cane

Klingeling – your winter breath gift 2020 – is available with and without a Christmas wreath and candy cane

Source: Buffed

Another package contains the Kranzerang toy, which works like a leather ball and can be thrown back and forth between two heroes. By the way, if you haven't got yourself a tiny Christmas hat, you should click Pepe on the charcoal forest wagon – you can find the wagon in Eisenschmiede next to Grandfather Winter, in Orgrimmar to the right of the auction house when you stand in front of the auction house. You can find all further information about Winter Hauch in WoW in our guide to the event (buy now € 14.99 ).

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