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Addons in WoW should either help you in some way while playing or make your life in Azeroth easier. Leatrix Plus focuses on the latter, which comes with a whole host of small quality-of-life improvements – from automatic repairs at the dealer to faster looting and an increase in visibility.

The revised and improved Leatrix Plus for WoW Shadowlands helps you with a lot of little things. It mainly revolves around quality-of-life improvements. For example, it relieves you of a few clicks in many places that you would always do anyway, thus saving you time and nerves.

From repairing to reviving

Automated things include, for example, selling gray items or automatically repairing your equipment whenever you go to a dealer that has it. But Leatrix Plus automatically accepts incantations or resurrections from group members. The add-on distinguishes whether you are in combat or not. In addition, group invitations, friend requests and duel requests can be blocked, which can be useful for one or the other.

Interface improvements

WoW: Leatrix Plus - lots of quality-of-life improvements in one addon (2)

WoW: Leatrix Plus – lots of quality-of-life improvements in one addon (2)

Source: Buffed

In addition, many other little things are integrated in Leatrix Plus, for which you would otherwise have to use your own add-on. From additional displays and tooltip content to hiding annoying error messages or unnecessary screen displays to the possibility of moving various interface elements and adjusting their size or appearance. So if you are not 100% satisfied with the original interface, but still prefer to stay away from complex interface add-ons like ElvUi or TukUi, you can use it to make at least some adjustments. And the most important function for many is increasing the zoom factor. Leatrix Plus allows you to move the camera further away from your character than is normally the case. We personally like the faster auto-loot function of quests. This does not first open a loot window from which the items fly into the bag. The loot immediately goes into your pocket when you click.


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