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Villains in WoW have always been pure DpS specialists who can neither heal fellow players nor refuel bosses. However, since the damage to the leather-bearing blade oscillators in Shadowlands is mediocre and they can currently only shine with other advantages to a limited extent, they have a problem. A problem that is reminiscent of the first months of The Burning Crusade era.

Again and again we read in the forum, on Reddit or in the comment area on Youtube that WoW players with Shadowlands have switched from their villain to another class or that they have lost their root raid place to another class with their villain . This is certainly due to the current DpS potential of the leather-carrying blade oscillators.

Just recently we summarized you how it is about that DpS balancing in Castle Nathria stands. Occasionally, rogue specializations land quite high, with Lady Inverva Dunkelader outlaws even dominate thanks to blade vortices. The bottom line is that the two strongest ways of playing deception and lawlessness are more in the midfield, and assassination lags so much behind with the coming ID change a full buff pending (which will "only" adjust the balance within the three rogue specializations).

The "okay" damage potential of the rogue class is exacerbated by further problems, which the Youtuber InfexiousGaming recently summarized in a video (the channel by the way, we can recommend it to every villain player). It is particularly remarkable how much the current situation reminds us of the situation of the villain in TBC. In the following we summarize the most important insights from the almost 16 minutes.

  • Melee specializations often have the problem that they are temporarily unable to cause damage due to boss mechanics, while ranged fighters keep firing on. If a close combat specialization does not have an enormously high DpS potential, it must therefore shine through other properties in order to earn a progress raid place next to the often preferred ranged fighters.
  • Many close combat specializations bring important raid buffs, debuffs or cooldowns with them, through which they earn their raid place.
  • Rogues, however, have no major raid buffs or cooldowns. Their greatest advantage is that they can safely counter dangerous effects or mechanics with Mantle of Shadows. But there are currently no areas of application for the coat in Schloss Nathria that have such a great effect that you absolutely have to have a villain with you.
  • If you are taken away as a villain, it is mostly because you are valued as a player by the community, for example because you have shown reliability for a long time, or because you simply get a lot more out of your class than the other players from their actually better class.

This is exactly the starting situation that villains will have to struggle with in TBC Classic: The raid places for melee fighters are limited, they only have a mediocre DpS potential before the tier 6 content and have other close combat specializations in terms of raid buffs and -Debuffs a lot more to offer. Only when it comes to breaking spells will raid groups miss a villain here and there in the early months.

But what could Blizzard do to solve these problems? Simply increasing the damage done by villains is difficult, as villains would be too overpowering in PvP. In addition, other, currently very strong specializations would have to be weakened at the same time in order to make the villain competitive. But InfexiousGaming has a few suggestions that go beyond the pure DpS adjustment:

  • At least one of the pact skills needs to get a strong AoE or cleave component.
  • He would have the anima effect Distracting charges from Torghast like to see an adapted version as a new legendary memory.
  • Smoke bomb has to come back as a useful, defensive raid cooldown.
  • Rogues should get a poison raid debuff such as "Poisoned targets get five percent more magic damage from all sources."

What do you think of the suggestions? And how do you rate the villain's current situation in Shadowlands? Let us know in the comments!

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