WoW: Lockable thanks to bug fix – Adventurer of the Bastion

of Sara Petzold
After the WoW developers fixed another bug in Bastion, you can finally complete the Bastion Adventurer achievement. We explain to you what has changed.

The WoW developers never tire of adding new hotfixes to fix minor and major bugs in WoW Shadowlands. A hotfix could play a bigger role in the long term than it might seem at first glance. Players can finally achieve success recently Bastion adventurer to lock. Since the release of the current expansion, a bug has ensured that the rare opponent Fallen acolyte Erisne at the top of the purity of Bastion did not grant any advancement for achievement – although you have to knock them down to get the achievement.

This problem has now been resolved. If you now look for the Fallen Acolyte Erisne in the northwestern section of the Point of Purity and kill her, you will be credited with the progress for the success. That should also lead to the fact that many players finally get the meta-achievement Shadowlands Explorer for which all areas of the Shadowlands must be explored, all treasures looted and all rare enemies killed.

The achievement Explorer of the Shadowlands could be a prerequisite for patch 9.1, that you can activate flying in Shadowlands for your account. We don't know for sure, but because the developers have already rejected a Rufgrind, we consider it very likely that the explorer success will act as a replacement. Many players should be happy that they can finally kill the last opponent that they still lack for this success. Are you one of the lucky ones who have already secured the achievement? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Vanion

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