Time is running out in Shadowlands in the fight against the jailer. After the lost battle for Oribos, the fate of the entire universe rests in our hands. Whether we will succeed in stopping Zovaal and saving the creation of the first is in the stars.

The story about Sylvanas, Anduin and the jailer goes with it Patch 9.2: The End of Eternity Further. After the sexism scandal at Blizzard and the noticeable loss of developers, the continuation of the Shadowlands story is a long way off. While we’re waiting for patch 9.2, the rumor mill is simmering online. The WoW community is currently speculating about what adventure awaits us after Shadowlands.

The end of Shadowlands

Are we going back to Shadowlands victorious in Azeroth? Or will Zoval’s diabolical plan work and we will get caught between the fronts in the new cosmic war for absolute rule? The story of Shadowlands makes it difficult for us to speculate about the future of WoW at the moment. It seems that not even the developers themselves know in which direction WoW should develop in the future. Prominent NPCs and locations will be renamed, all sexually offensive innuendos will be removed from the game. For example, the portraits of revealing women were recently censored or even completely replaced by still lifes.

“Sexy-Purge” | Blizzard confuses sexism with sexuality

In the whole hustle and bustle that is currently raging in the California game studio, Patch 9.3 will probably also fall victim to the red pencil. Blizzard simply lacks the time and resources to do this. According to an insider, the development team would like to start again with Patch 10.0 and World of Warcraft (buy now 14,99 €) redesign from scratch. This includes not only graphical updates, but also a story that should inspire both new players and Warcraft veterans.

A new Azeroth

Mathias Shaw notices on his travels that the contaminated land of Lordaeron is beginning to heal.  How long will it be before the Alliance reclaims Lordaeron?

Mathias Shaw notices on his travels that the contaminated land of Lordaeron is beginning to heal. How long will it be before the Alliance reclaims Lordaeron?

Source: Buffed

To master this Herculean task, Blizzard must go back to the origins of WoW and return to Azeroth. Some exciting concept images recently appeared on the web that may give us a hint of the next WoW expansion.

The focus of all discussions are currently a few simple screenshots showing the revised versions of classic human structures from the Eastern Kingdoms. These buildings were definitely not redesigned for nothing. It is possible that the WoW team is already secretly working to give Azeroth a makeover.

The classic world update is getting bigger than that of Cataclysm, according to an insider. Most of all areas in Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms will be adapted to current history. So Turalyon and the Alliance recapture the fallen human kingdoms of Gilneas, the entire Arathi Highlands and large parts of Lordaeron.

The druids manage to heal the Undercity and the land that Sylvanas poisoned with the plague in Battle for Azeroth. Most of the traces Deathwing left in the classical world will be removed. However, the areas that came into play with Cataclysm remain untouched. Quel’thalas and Azuremyst Isle will also be revised and adapted to the current story. By and large, no stone should be left on top of another in Azeroth. If you want to experience the revised areas in their original form, you can do so on World of Warcraft Classic servers.

Symbolic new beginning

We have speculated several times in recent months that our heroes will return to Azeroth after Shadowlands and find a new world there. The question that arises in this scenario is what the big hook for the story should be. Most gamers agree that the pre-Azeroth battle story wasn’t the hit. Sylvanas’ dubious intrigue created a lot of confusion, and the tepid factional warfare was a joke. The return of Queen Azshara and the final battle against the old god N’Zoth also didn’t really fit the concept of a WoW expansion in which the war between the Horde and the Alliance should take center stage.

With the next expansion, developers can make up for these mistakes and get back to WoW’s roots. The team could also use this symbolic new beginning to restore the alliance to its former glory. The blue faction has degenerated into a supporting actor on the big World of Warcraft stage in recent years, who only reacts to events, but does not initiate them himself. It is high time for Allianz to catch up with the Horde in terms of story. For that, Blizzard doesn’t even need to conjure up a new story out of the hat. All the important characters for a true story cracker are already established.

Allianz needs a strong leader again

The jailer enslaves Anduin Wrynn, forcing the young king to commit crimes. & Nbsp;

The jailer enslaves Anduin Wrynn and forces the young king to commit crimes.

Source: Buffed

After the death of Varian Wrynn in Legion, with Anduin we were hoping for a new outstanding hero who one way or another would bring the Alliance out of the insignificance. However, it took two WoW expansions before Anduin emerged as the new king from the shadow of his charismatic father.

Do you remember the return of Varian in Wrath of the Lich King? Everywhere where the King of the Alliance appeared, there was a huge crash! His heated argument with Garrosh Hellscream on the Argent Tournament Grounds is legendary. Varian exuded so much authority that every word he spoke was bought from him. His son Anduin also has a certain charisma. For most players, however, its charisma is not that direct, but rather subtle.

Not that we get ourselves wrong. The story of a young man in search of himself has its own charm. In an MMO called Warcraft, which is about tough conflicts, a determined leader is more likely to be remembered than a tender youth who doesn’t know exactly where the journey is going. And this is where Turalyon comes in! He is in no way inferior to Varian Wrynn as a leader. He is a skilled warrior and champion of light. This means that it fulfills all the requirements to literally let the alliance shine in a new light.

The power of the nobility

The influential aristocrats of Stormwind support Turalyon and endow the high exarchs with all kinds of privileges and titles.

The influential aristocrats of Stormwind support Turalyon and endow the high exarchs with all kinds of privileges and titles.

Source: Buffed

Turalyon could become the new linchpin of the story in the next WoW expansion. Let’s assume that Anduin disappears from the scene for quite a while after Shadowlands. Yes, for the future story it is important that he go away.

Because only in this way can Anduin go through the same or at least a similar metamorphosis as his father before. After that, Anduin can return to Stormwind as the rightful king. In difficult times, when the king was absent, the alliance was always reformed. There are so many unresolved conflicts within the Alliance in Azeroth right now.

To explain the current situation of the Alliance in Azeroth: The aristocrats of Stormwind seem to have only been waiting for Anduin to disappear from the scene. In his absence, the noble houses established a new powerful mansion (similar to the British House of Lords aka House of Lords). There was a mansion in Stormwind before that. While there was a king in Stormwind, the council had little power. Since Anduin’s kidnapping, the nobles have been claiming power over the kingdom.

In these turbulent times, the Council of High Exarch Turalyon comes in handy. He is a real warrior who shows no interest in politics. Turalyon’s loyalty is to the light. However, his role as general of the Alliance is far from consolidated. He is a regent. Anduin’s official deputy is and will remain his advisor, Genn Greymane, King of Gilneas. This small but fine detail offers a lot of explosive for the WoW story. It is a shame that Blizzard withheld this important story piece of the puzzle from the majority of its players.

Genn Graumähne vs. Turalyon

Before leaving, Mathias Shaw discussed the future of Stormwind and Allianz with Genn Graumähne.  Shaw feared that Turalyon might abuse the power he was given.

Before leaving, Mathias Shaw discussed the future of Stormwind and Allianz with Genn Graumähne. Shaw feared that Turalyon might abuse the power he was given.

Source: Buffed

What makes the story so explosive is that Anduin chose his deputy not for political, but for personal reasons. After Varian’s death, Genn Greymane is a kind of father figure to Anduin. The old wolf is far from popular with the Stormwind nobles.

He is considered a traitor and a failure. Most people see him as an old procrastinator who has carelessly gambled away his kingdom on Sylvanas and the Forsaken. That he is a worgen is another point that puts Genn in the wrong light. Can a monster rule a kingdom? Genn can’t even answer this question himself at the moment. The despair Genn faces after Anduin was kidnapped speaks volumes.

The fate of the young Wrynn reminds him of the death of his own son Liam Greymane. This loss was a severe blow from which Genn has not recovered to this day. No matter what happens to Anduin in Shadowlands, Genn Greymane will have to decide whether to jump over his own shadow and finally emerge as king, or whether to leave the leadership of the alliance to the malicious nobility and Turalyon.

The uncertain future of Allianz

To win the favor of the citizens and soldiers of the Alliance, Genn will have to take the initiative and retake Gilneas. But even if he succeeds in snatching Gilneas from the Forsaken, the old wolf in Stormwind will have a hard time outdoing Turalyon’s legend. The high exarch’s reputation is impeccable and the mansion granted Turalyon further privileges after Anduin’s kidnapping.

However, the rapid change of power in Stormwind is not only a concern of Genn Greymane. Master Mathias Shaw, the head of SI: 7, also raised concerns ahead of his great journey through the Eastern Kingdoms. Shaw is critical of Turalyon’s rise and says that no person, whether hero or king, should have so much power. Are Shaw’s doubts justified? And how much will the High Exarch change the Alliance and Azeroth?

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