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The Holy Trinity in has been an important aspect in WoW’s dungeons for over 16 years. In Shadowlands, however, more and more groups are proving that it can be much more effective if you turn the Trinity into a duality by simply leaving out the healer. How long will Blizzard watch before they intervene?

In the WoW group game, healers should actually ensure that all players stay alive. If the group plays well, they naturally have a little less to do. But since not all damage is avoidable, they’re still an important part in dungeons or raids. After more than 16 years, however, we have already got used to the fact that there are tanks that like to do without a healer. In the meantime, however, this situation has become so extreme that teams themselves Complete dungeons at level 20 without a healer at all.

Because tanks in Shadowlands no longer only heal themselves, but can, depending on the class, also support their teammates with massive healings. In addition, there are the adjustments with which Blizzard wanted to strengthen the class imagination in Shadowlands again. As a result, many distributors of damage can also heal quite well if necessary – even if mostly only for a short time.

But is that really the point? Of course, there have always been groups that have also completed heavier content without a healer, but in Shadowlands everything is slowly taking on unprecedented dimensions – and we are only at the beginning of the expansion. With increasing equipment and more and more “borrowed power” by the media and soul ties, this fact will become even worse.

Already today we see protective paladins rescuing the Sun King, because in places they heal more than any healer. But it also works the other way around. Holy Paladins (Venthyr), on the other hand, deal more DpS with dungeon bosses than most damage dealers.

Of course, this blending and the breaking of the Holy Trinity may be welcomed, but it still goes against the developers’ plans. However, they haven’t done anything about it yet.

What do you think about it? Should Blizzard take on this problem and massively slow down the healing ability of tanks and damage distributors? Or do you not see the whole thing as a problem, but rather find the flexibility in the game good?

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