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Orange is always in vogue, especially again in WoW: Shadowlands! Gamers are hungry for legendaries and would love to fill every slot with one of the coveted pieces. Unfortunately, this is not possible – instead you have to choose a Legendary in the new expansion for World of Warcraft, which you can later upgrade to higher item levels. And doesn't just make anything, just the best of the best! Our guide will help the magicians among you to choose.

General legendarys for the magician

Temporal curvature is an attractive choice for any mage game. Especially if you frequently change your specialization and are looking for a Legendary that always fits, you should choose Temporal Curvature. It is especially useful in raids, where you are likely to have another player with you whose speed buff (time warp, rage, heroism) you can benefit from.

While Temporal Distortion or a similar effect is active on you, you can Time warp use and get 30 percent speed for 40 seconds. This means that you can not only benefit from time warp twice in a boss fight – the two effects can also be combined with each other so that you can get an ultra-speed boost! That wasn't possible with the Legion version of the Legendary.

  • Slot: Chest, fingers
  • Source: Torghast: The upper levels, from level 3

Horrible icicle is perfect for solo content (i.e. whenever you are on your own), no matter which style of play you start out with. For example, it will serve you well in Torghast, where not only does your damage matter, but you also have to prove that you are good at controlling your opponents. If you play with this legendary effect, break your spell Frost Nova no longer on incoming damage and enemies that have been damaged by Frost Nova take 15 percent more damage from your Fire and Arcane spells for eight seconds.

  • Slot: Head, shoulder
  • Source: Honor: with supplier to Zo'kuul in Oribos

Arcane Bombardment increases the damage of your Arcane Bombardment spell and is therefore useful for Mythic Plus.

Arcane Bombardment increases the damage of your Arcane Bombardment spell and is therefore useful for Mythic Plus.

Source: Buffed

For arcane magicians there are really only two really good, style-specific Legendarys. One of them you use in boss fights in raids and the other is very useful especially in Mythic Plus instances. Grab both of you!

Arcane infinity is your legendary of choice in raids. In Shadowlands is Arcane projectiles an important part of any Arcane Mage's combat rotation. Talents like Amplification or Arcane echo upgrade this magic a lot – and the effect of this legendary fits perfectly. Whenever Arcane projectiles hits an opponent, the damage of your next bet becomes Arcane fire increased by seven percent. Especially in single target battles Arcane infinity very strong; But the Legendary can also be useful in typical cleave situations. If you're fighting two or three opponents, it pays to join in Conjure up Arcane projectiles to act. Arcane Infinity can be stacked up to 15 times and the individual stacks build up quite quickly.

  • Slot: Shoulders, hands
  • Source: Dungeon: The Manasturm, The Other Side

Arcane bombardment helps you to rock Mythisch-Plus! Arcane fire deals 130 percent more damage to targets less than 35 percent health. With Arcane Bombardment, you not only have a powerful weapon at hand to finish off almost dead enemies. Especially in combination with the talent Arcane sphere she works quite often when bombing Arcane fire, which will benefit you well from Arcane Bombardment. This is especially true for members of the Night Fae, who with their pact ability reduce the cooldown of Arcane sphere can reset very quickly.

  • Slot: Feet, back
  • Source: Torghast: Skoldushalle, from level 3

With the feverish magic formula you hit more often critically, which of course has a particular effect on your pyrostrikes.

With the feverish magic formula you hit more critically, which of course has a particular effect on your pyrostrikes.

Source: Buffed

In principle, the most powerful Legendary for Fire Mages in any type of battle is the Feverish magic formula, but there are also a few interesting alternatives that are worth at least a second look.

Feverish magic formula fits perfectly with the class fantasy of the fire magician: Each of your successive critical hits increases your critical damage by three percent, but at a maximum of 15 percent it is over. For you that means crit, crit, crit! In most situations you will want to use this Legendary, which is why it is advisable to make it first.

Firestorm brings small changes in playing style and is only slightly weaker than the feverish magic formula. If Heat of battle is activated, there is a small chance that all bets of Pyroblast and Flame burst Instant for four seconds and guaranteed to score a critical hit. Since you use the proc (= random effect) of Firestorm upon receipt of Heat of battle and not only when you use up the effect, you should make sure Warm up only at the end of your spell Heat of battle to convert and not as usual at the beginning.

  • Slot: Shoulder, finger
  • Source: Dungeon: Chief Chamberlain, Halls of Atonement

Mastery of the disciplines is one of the legendarys that you can use with all game styles. It is interesting for fire mages because of its increase in critical strike value in single target battles. However, this legendary cannot keep up with the alternatives as soon as you face more than one opponent. Mastering the disciplines works as follows: If you use a Frost, Fire and Arcane spell within ten seconds, the critical damage of all your spells is increased by 15 percent. This effect can only occur once every 30 seconds and you should always take advantage of it when you are not under the influence of Cremation stands.

  • Slot: Wrist, finger
  • Source: Dungeon: Mist Caller, The Mists of Tirna Scithe

Blessing of the Sun King is a bit weaker than the Legendarys mentioned so far, but can still be useful if you manage to play proactively. After her twelve times Battle heat your next, not more spontaneous, cast within 15 seconds Pyroblast for five seconds Cremation . That means, on the one hand, you have to find the time to find one Pyroblast with magic time and on the other hand you have to use the mini-cremation you have won as profitably as possible.

Slippery ice reduces the casting time of Frostbolt and increases the damage of the spell - a must-have for raids!

Slippery ice reduces the casting time of Frostbolt and increases the damage of the spell – a must-have for raids!

Source: Buffed

Frost magicians have a hard time – because they are spoiled for choice. Two Legendarys come along with really strong effects. Which one you prefer should depend on which content you particularly like and often play.

Slippery ice is your first choice in raids. Especially when fighting with one or two goals, this legendary brings you the greatest benefit. While Icy veins is active, each one of you used decreases Frostbolt the magic time of Frostbolt by two percent and increases the damage of the ability by two percent. If you can conjure up more frostbolt, of course, that also increases your chance of the two important procs Icy veins and Brain freezewhich increases your damage even further. The effect of Slippery Ice can be stacked up to ten times.

  • Slot: Waist, legs
  • Source: Torghast: Mort'regar, from level 3

Glacial fragments is perfect for all those Frost Mages who put their main focus on Mythic-Plus, because this Legendary is really strong against multiple targets. Your magic Ice lance has a 20 percent chance to burst into shards of ice when a target is hit and inflict additional Frost damage to up to five enemies near your target. That's good – but it gets even better! This chance increases to 100 percent if your goal is one Blizzard is located. Since Glacier Fragments can't hit more than five enemies, it's not that good for really big pulls, and your boss damage will suffer a bit when you play with this Legendary. But especially in weeks with reinforced dungeon servants, Glacier Fragments is great.

  • Slot: Legs, back
  • Source: Torghast: Cold Heart Interstitia, from level 3

Freezing winds is another option for you to consider. However, the damage gain of this Legendary is lower compared to the other two alternatives in every combat situation, which is why you should not be the first to create it. If you carry freezing winds, yours will be Frozen ball a very reliable one Icy fingers -Suppliers, because while the spell is active you will receive a charge of every three seconds Icy fingers. This is practical, but unfortunately it can't keep up with the real alternatives, slippery ice or glacier fragments.

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