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With Maldraxxus, Blizzards designers are reviving a favorite theme in World of Warcraft Shadowlands. The shadowland zone is the birthplace of necromantic magic and home to the powers invoked by the Lich King and the Scourge on Azeroth. In the following series of images we present you some optical highlights from the home of the Nekrolords!

Maldraxxus is one of the four zones in World of Warcraft Shadowlands that is dominated by the Nekrolord Pact. It represents the heart of the shadow country's military power. Many sinister beings like necromancers or lichs are at home here, but not everyone is evil. Relentless warlike souls who never give up and are ready to fight for glory against each other are very welcome to the necrolords, and the best of them are turned by necromancers into undead soldiers, who from then on defend the shadow lands against outside influences and wage war against the enemies of the Cause death. But here too the first impression is deceptive, because the brutal selection process has created a huge militia with a shaky hierarchy. The long-time leader of the empire has disappeared, and five of the most powerful necrolords are now vying for the responsibility to carry death to the entire cosmos.

In the following picture gallery you can see some visual highlights of Maldraxxus, who revives the favorite subject of many fans – the undead scourge, the plague countries and Northrend. Have fun!

Wow: Maldraxxus – The Pestlands of Shadowlands (1) (Source: Buffed)

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