WoW: Ma'ut Guide – Ny'alotha, the Awakened City

The second fight is about mana. The boss Ma'ut deprives you of the same and wraps it up in a shield. On the other hand, you can also tap into his mana supply and give your healers a decent boost.

WoW: Phase 1 – Obsidian Destroyer

In the first phase, you can subtract the boss's life points while he slowly builds up his mana himself. As soon as his mana is full, phase 2 begins. You want to delay that as long as possible. Random players are tagged with <a href = "" title = "EATING MAGIC"target =" _ blank ">EATING MAGIC proves what a short time later a purple area appears below you and causes damage to all surrounding allies. So you should run out of the group. But not quite that far. Because the purple areas called <a href = "" title = "ENGRAVED ABOVE"target =" _ blank ">ENGRAVED ABOVE you will need later as they have multiple effects. On the one hand, they cause a little damage when you are in it, on the other hand they remove mana, silence you, prevent you from being healed and make you immune to all magic damage. Incidentally, this applies not only to you, but also to add-ons that appear later. Does the boss now cast his <a href = "" title = "Stylish destruction"target =" _ blank ">Stylish destruction, which deals several million shadow damage to all targets, you protect yourself in one of these areas.

The purple areas are harmful and still help you. However, they will disappear when you switch to phase 2. & nbsp;

The purple areas are harmful and still help you. When changing to phase 2, however, they disappear.

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In addition, a vortex appears at regular intervals, which causes high damage if you are in the area of ​​effect when it exploded. The explosion also creates an add. This loses mana instead of life points in your attacks and dies when it has no more mana. It also tries to cast its mana on the boss with a spell. If the add gets too close to the boss, it transfers all its mana into the boss and disappears. You now have several options for dealing with the add-ons. You can ignore them and run into the boss, which shortens phase 1. You can also fill them up on the outside, with the purple areas, to prevent mana from being brought to the boss. There you either have them killed by multi-DoT classes or you bring them to the boss in phase 2 and eliminate them with area damage. Which solution is better depends on your group.
So that the healers do not get bored in this phase, the boss also has a surface damage up his sleeve, which becomes more violent with increasing mana. In heroic mode, Ma'ut also occasionally turns in a random direction and has a surface attack in front of you that you'd better get out of.

WoW: Phase 2 – Obsidian statue

If the boss has reached 100 percent mana, the second phase starts and he starts a spell of one minute duration. Now you can no longer harm him because he is in <a href = "" title = "OBSIDIAN SKIN "target =" _ blank ">OBSIDIAN SKIN wraps. Instead of life points you subtract mana from him. Your goal is to get the mana to zero before Ma'ut can end his spell that will kill you all. Unfortunately, the <a href = "" title = "OBSIDIAN SKIN "target =" _ blank ">OBSIDIAN SKIN but your damage. So you deduct mana from the boss and beat yourself down the life points. Healing cool-downs and instinct are required here. But your healers get support. Ma'ut repeatedly summons mana balls to float on him. If they reach him, they completely fill up his mana, which is equivalent to a wipe. If one of you runs into such a ball, it causes surface damage, depending on how long the ball has been traveling. In addition, the affected player receives a debuff that breaks out six seconds later and then gives all players within a radius of 20 meters a buff, which increases mana regeneration by 150 percent and the healing caused by 50 percent. Some of the assigned players break the balls and bring the healers their buff so that they can keep you alive in phase 2. If the shield is broken, phase 1 starts again. With each new phase 1, Ma'ut also causes ten percent more magic damage. So you don't have forever. In heroic mode, debuffs also appear on players that deal damage and burn mana and restore it to the boss. Since the debuff removes massive life and mana from all players within a radius of ten meters, affected players should only run out of the group before the debuff is removed by the healers.

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