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Ny'alotha is almost certain to be the last raid for Battle for Azeroth. And since the top guilds are completely through, the balance is drawn. While the Method fans see their guild as the winners of the expansion, the limit supporters of course see it completely differently.

Method is THE dominant guild in WoW (buy now for € 19.99) the last decade. No group could get more World First Kills on a raid's final bosses than the guild around its founder and guild master Scott "Sco" McMillan. It was therefore quite surprising for many viewers that the Europeans had to give in to the American competition from Limit in the last raid Ny'alotha. Although the Method players congratulated their opponents fairly and recognized their outstanding performance, you could definitely feel that the sting was deep.
Nevertheless, Method remains the dominant guild for many fans in Battle for Azeroth. The streamer and method healer Josh has now tweeted a WoW-Progress statistic, which underpins this view impressively. This includes the average position in the race for the World First Kills and Method is ranked number one. Counterparty Limit, on the other hand, has to be satisfied with a third place.

Limit players did not want to leave it that way and posted their own statistics. In it, they took not only the positions of the final bosses, but also those of all bosses in a raid, and thus calculated the average placement. In this statistic, Limit is again an unachievable first rank. However, this statistic has the disadvantage, of course, that the front bosses of a raid have long been defeated before Method and other European guilds can even get started. Both on Twitter and in other channels is now cheerfully discussed which guild Battle for Azeroth "won".

By the way, the German guild aversion comes in an excellent sixth place in both statistics – for this we congratulate.

What do you think of the two statistics? In your opinion, which guild has conquered the throne of Battle for Azeroth? The guild with the most first kills, the one with the most first kills the end boss or maybe only the end boss of the expansion counts for you?

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