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Effectively detonate as a fire mage in the Tower of the Damned from WoW: Shadowlands – how does it work? This question prompted one of our Lesys to send us an email. We have sent these in turn to our magician class expert Carmen. Of course she has an answer ready. And so that all hard-working fire magicians among you can benefit from the advice, we have a mini tip for fire magicians in Torghast for you:

In terms of talents, it is best to choose the same ones that you would also use in the solo game or in Mythic +, that is

So everything that is most effective with multiple opponents. However, you should skip large packs on your adventure that have many opponents who have to be interrupted. In that case, of course, is that invisibility your means to an end. If the cooldown is about to die down, then night fae traits like Smuggled wild seeds and Crystallized dreams when fleeing from nasty enemies.

With the animaboni, the following will help you through Torghast Hell:

  • Heavily polished hand mirror: Make your mirror image spell much stronger. If you have collected the trait several times, the mirror images easily cause a lot more damage than your hero himself. The bonus can again be combined with Dull Diamond, because you then create a mirror image with every blink. In addition, Art of the Blink Mage fits into this combination, because Blink no longer has a cooldown. Great combo!
  • Fire Juggler Throws enemies up when using Fire Strike. This is good when you have to interrupt opponents and helps keep bosses at bay.
  • Echoes from Elisandre increases time warp and can be combined well with time weaver needle. Since the cooldown resets on every level, this helps enormously with bosses.
  • Spellcaster’s Mojo fits perfectly with the BiS-Legendary mastery of the disciplines, but is not without it even without!
  • Archmage’s Lesson Also always pays off because it also grants the Summoner’s Flow talent.

All right? Then we wish you a good Torghast hunt! Do you have better tips in store? Then please write in the comments!

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