In WoW: Shadowlands you can forge your legendary yourself like any other hero at the maximum level if you have completed the corresponding quest series about the runic mason. There are legendarys that are available to all three monk specializations, as well as legendarys that only one specialization can produce. You can also freely determine the secondary values. In the following, our guide will tell you which legendary effects are best in which situation – and why.

Summoner's Joy grants you speed while Xuen is active.

Summoner's Joy grants you speed while Xuen is active.

Source: Buffed

Summoner's joy Boosts Xuen and allows high burst damage. There are strong alternatives for both raids and M + dungeons. No matter how you choose, you always choose versatility and mastery as secondary stats.

Summoner's joy increases your haste by 33 percent for 20 seconds after summoning Xuen. The white tiger is a standard ability in Shadowlands and does a lot of damage. In addition to his normal attacks, Xuen does ten percent of the damage to your targets that you did to them with your other spells. The extra speed of this legendary allows you to cast more spells and thus increase the damage done by Xuen.

The pact ability of the Kyrians is generally strong for wind runners, as they are perfect with them Xuen, Summon the White Tiger can combine. If you also have this Legendary on, the pact ability is unbeatable! The tiger inflicts damage to several enemies at the same time, so the effect is also ideal for strong groups of enemies in M ​​+ dungeons. Craft a legendary helmet to gain the most secondary stats!

Jade ignition: Whenever you're with Fists of Furious Damage, you gain a stack of Chi energy (up to a maximum of 30 stacks). As soon as you Whirling crane kick uses, this energy discharges and you inflict high damage to all enemies in the vicinity, which increases by five percent per stack of Chi energy. Under optimal conditions, this effect is somewhat weaker than Summoner's Joy. However, you don't have to pay so much attention to this legendary and you don't have to use your skills perfectly in a short window, which is not possible with most bosses anyway.

Jade ignition is also strong against single targets. Choose the talent Chi-Ji's dance and sets Whirling crane kick when you get a proc. You can also accumulate the stacks of Chienergy to quickly conquer particularly dangerous adds. For M + dungeons, the Legendary is of course outstanding because of the high level of group damage. Make legendary pants!

  • Slot: Legs, back
  • Source: Torghast, forges of souls, from level 3

Last Emperor's Capacitor: Chi consuming abilities increase the damage of your next use of Crackling jade lightning by 100 percent and reduces its costs by five percent. The effect can be stacked up to twenty times. Your used Crackling jade lightningif you have at least 17 stacks, your energy bar is not full and your other skills such as Fists of Furious are on cooldown.

The perfect use is sometimes not that easy, especially since the Windrunner already has a complex rotation. For that you can Crackling jade lightning can also be used from a distance, if you cannot stand in close combat. The lightning does a lot of damage with 20 stacks. So you can quickly eliminate important adds. There was already a Legendary in Legion with the same effect. If you liked the style of play, you can safely build Capacitor of the Last Emperor. However, it's not worth it for M + dungeons, as the lightning will only damage one target. Because there are no other good belts, it is worth making a legendary belt.

Brewmasters grill their enemies with the Legendary Scorched Passions.

Brewmasters grill their enemies with the Legendary Scorched Passions.

Source: Buffed

There are only a few strong legendaries with the Braumeister. Therefore, it is worth upgrading your strongest Legendary. There is one effect that is very powerful in all situations. The alternative increases the damage you deal significantly and still offers something defensive. You choose Critical Strike and Versatility as secondary stats.

Stormbreaker's last barrel: Barrel blow does 30 percent more damage and has an additional charge. The additional charge makes your rotation a lot easier because then it is not dramatic if you Barrel chop not used on cooldown. So you can also briefly Barrel blow wait for her Heavenly brew conjures. You can also briefly save both charges in order to conquer important adds quickly. Or you can use both charges with the pact ability of the Necrolords or Kyrians. The extra damage also makes it a good choice if you want an offensive Legendary. In short: Stormstorm's last barrel is a strong legendary in all situations – regardless of whether you like to play raids or M + dungeons. Legendary gloves are the best choice.

  • Slot: Shoulders, hands
  • Source: Dungeon: General Kaal, The Bloody Depths

Scorched passions is your alternative if you want to increase your damage. After using Breath of fire cause Blackout kick and Whirling crane kick Double damage for eight seconds. In addition, the two skills set the duration of the DoT from Breath of fire back. During the eight seconds you do magic instead of Tiger claw rather Whirling crane kick. Even if you are only fighting one goal, cause Whirling crane kick then more damage.

The Legendary also improves your defenses. Because you can Breath of fire keep active on your target so that you consistently take five percent less damage. Scorched passion does have a good synergy with talent Heavenly flames. In most cases it is Taker qualities still the better choice. Forges legendary shoes!

  • Slot: Feet, back
  • Source: Torghast: Cold Heart Interstitia, from level 3

Your offensive spells heal your fellow players through ancient teachings of the monastery.

Your offensive spells heal your fellow players through the ancient teachings of the monastery.

Source: Buffed

A legendary is strong for all situations. So it's worth upgrading. But there are good alternatives for high burst healing or to increase the damage you deal. Your secondary stats are Critical Strike and Versatility.

Tear of the morning: Whenever you are with Animate or Enveloping fog heals a player who heals with a Renewing mist is occupied, there is a ten percent chance that you will have another Renewing mist generated on a second target. All players from Renewing mist be treated, received by Animate 20 percent more healing. If you Enveloping fog affects any target, you heal all players with it Renewing mist by 20 percent of the value.

When it comes to the pure HpS values, this effect is by far your best legendary for both raids and M +. When there is little to heal, you distribute Renewing mist on your teammates and do magic Animate only on these players to get more HoTs from Renewing mist to obtain. As soon as the group is damaged, you have many HoTs active at the same time, so that the additional healing is even stronger! Enveloping fog it works in connection with Yu'lon or Chi-Ji. The 20 percent additional healing increases the cooldown noticeably. It is best to forge a helmet for the most crit and versatility along the way.

  • Slot: Head, waist
  • Source: Raid: Schlickfaust, Nathria Castle

Ancient teachings of the monastery enables the fist weaving style of play. After her Essenzborn your offensive spells heal Tiger claw, Blackout kick and Enter the rising sun an injured ally by 250 percent of the damage done. The effect is active for 15 seconds. There Essenzborn only has a cooldown of twelve seconds, you can easily keep the effect permanently active.

You can wear this legendary if you don't need much healing. This is the case in some dungeons or with certain raid bosses. Choose the talent for this Gaining fog. Thunder focus tea you use for Enter the rising sunto increase your damage and therefore your healing. You also extend the HoT of Essenzborn. Renewing mist you still conjure up on cooldown. This way of playing also saves you a lot of mana. That allows you many more Enveloping fog to work while Yu'lon is active.

  • Slot: Hands, wrists
  • Source: Dungeon: Devos, Peaks of Ascent

Summoner's joy increases your tempo by 33 percent for 20 seconds after summoning Yu'lon or Chi-Ji. If you want to make this legendary for your Windrunner specialization, you can use it well as a healer. While your companion is active, you want so many Enveloping fog conjure up as possible. The extra pace therefore allows you strong burst healing. If your raid has enough HpS but lacks healing in specific areas, you can use this Legendary to keep your party alive! Then ask Stimulate of the druid or at least magic Manatee, since the mana cost of Enveloping fog are insanely high.

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