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After the first server links in WoW were carried out immediately after the announcement, the next ones will follow for the upcoming ID reset. As already confirmed by the developers, the process will take a long time, since only a few servers should be attacked at the same time in order not to endanger the stability.

After the first announcement that the developers wanted to link servers in WoW again after many years, the first link followed immediately. After that, things got a little quieter. But now Blizzard announced the next server links in the official forum. These affect several North American servers and are scheduled for the upcoming ID reset on July 23.

The North American servers Drak'thul, Skywall, Silvermoon, Mok'Nathal, Cairne, Perenolde and Cenarius are affected.

  • Drak'thul and Skywall are connected to Silvermoon and Mok'Nathal.
  • Cairne and Perenolde are connected to Cenarius.

All of these servers are rather small servers or server networks with few players. Obviously, the developers first want to take care of the realms on which the problem of missing players is most urgent, before they take care of the medium-sized servers. The developers will continue to announce all other links in the relevant forums.
Here is the original forum post from the developers:

During a scheduled maintenance period (currently planned for 6:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. PDT on Thursday, July 23), the following realm connections will be made:

  • The Drak'thul and Skywall realms will join the Silvermoon and Mok'Nathal realms.
  • The Cairne and Perenolde realms will join the Cenarius realm.

We are planning more realm connections for low-population realms, and we will post further notifications like this one in the coming weeks.

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