WoW: More server links tomorrow evening

from Philipp Sattler
Also this week the developers of Blizzard are linking different WoW servers together. Among other things, the upcoming link creates a large network of different RP servers. It will also revisit links that were deferred in the past week due to technical issues.

Update: In a previous version, we incorrectly claimed that the link was already performed on Wednesday evenings. We have corrected that and the person responsible now has to polish the stolen servers for 24 hours.

Even if the server links have caused a lot of displeasure among the players in the past few weeks, the developers at Blizzard continue to link one WoW server after the next. The merging of the servers wasn't the problem that annoyed many players, but the many technical problems that went with it. In addition, the communication on the part of Blizzard regarding this topic was rather poor. Links were announced that had not taken place, different languages ​​were merged or problems that had occurred were concealed. In addition, many European players find it extremely unfortunate to allow the server links to take place on a Thursday at 9 p.m. Because at this time the servers are usually very busy. But that hasn't changed either and Blizzard now has the next shortcuts for morgen evening (August 27th) announced. The following servers will be offline from 9 p.m. tomorrow evening and are linked.

  • The realms The Eternal Watch and The silver hand be with the realms The Consortium, The Syndicate, The Abyssal Council, The Argus Watch, The Deathclaws and Cult of the Damned merged.
  • The realms Coil boiler, Mal'Ganis and Taerar be with the realm Blackhand merged.
  • The realms The Mithril Order and The Dalaran Council be with the realms The night watch, research league, death watch and Zcircle of Cenarius Realms merged.

With the links tomorrow evening, two large networks will arise in which almost all German-language RP servers will be packed together. In addition, the developers are trying again to link three servers with Blackhand that they had announced last week.
All affected servers will be offline from 9 p.m. and the link lasts according to the announcement until the next morning at 5:00 a.m. In the past, however, the servers could often be started up again much earlier.

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