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Like every boss fight in WoW, the conflict with the Old God N'Zoth consists of several phases. The special thing about it: This time there is still a secret final phase on the mythical level of difficulty. What could this phase look like?

The WoW guilds Limit and Method are nibbling on the final boss of the raid Ny'alotha on the mythical level of difficulty, namely N'Zoth – and is approaching the secret final phase of the fight against the Old God. So far, nobody really knows exactly what to expect in this final phase.

The editors of Wowhead However, has been busy looking around in the game files of WoW Patch 8.3 and discovered some clues as to what the players might face at the end of the fight against N'Zoth.

The description of the raid in the adventure guide differed, for example, on the test server of patch 8.3 with regard to the third phase. There, on levels of difficulty LFR, normal and heroic, it says that N'Zoth distorts reality and Ny'alotha merges with the heart of Azeroth. On the other hand, the text for the third phase on the mythical level of difficulty reads:
"Phase Three: Forge of Destiny: As N'Zoth's tentacles encircle the ventricle, Magni and MOTHER begin to unleash the rage of the Forge of Origin to stop the Corrupt's plans. At least they hope so."

This text suggests that something goes wrong with the forge of origin. In addition, the berserk script on the mythical level of Warcraft Logs suggests that Magni, MOTHER, and the other ventricular NPCs may go crazy and may be hostile to the player. Along with additional spells called Eye covering the ventricle and Tentacles of the ventricle There are increasing indications that N'Zoth will attempt a major attack on the ventricle, including corruption of the location.

Finally, various titanic skills suggest that we actually need to save the ventricle during the final phase:

But we want to know from you: What do you wish for the final phase of the fight against N'Zoth? Do you like the idea of ​​moving the fight to the heart chamber? Write us your opinion in the comments!

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