WoW: Mythisch-Plus Season 4 – the most popular classes

The fourth Mythic Plus season started in Battle for Azeroth a few weeks ago with Patch 8.3. Although this brought almost no class adjustments, it did have a new, seasonal affix – Awakened. Today we want to take a look at the influence of the new affix and the slightly changed class balance through new equipment and corrupt items on the choice of classes in high mythical dungeons. For this we look at all completed keystone dungeons of level 15 or higher and look at which classes were used and how the conditions have changed since the past season. At the end we will show you what the most popular classes were in the previous three seasons.

WoW: These are the most popular classes in the Ny'alotha raid

The New Affix – Awakened

With the latest affix, the developers of Blizzard not only wanted to bring variety back into the game, which is the real purpose of the seasonal affixes, which are also thematically based on the current content and the respective raid. They also wanted to intervene in class balancing, even if they didn't say so directly. Because hardly a group at a high level could or wanted to go without a villain. Because villains not only cause high damage in mythical dungeons and are almost immortal thanks to various cooldowns, they also bring the Covering Mist with them. Thanks to this mass stealth, groups with villains could bypass almost any trash group and sort of pick out the raisins. Instead of playing the "normal" route, all dangerous groups are ignored and the necessary percentages are filled with more harmless opponents who can be pulled together and bombed away. Thanks to the new affix, villains are no longer necessary. Instead of sneaking through in stealth, you can move almost freely in the dungeon with the portals. But what effect does that have on group composition?

The most popular DpS classes in Mythic Plus (Season 4)

  • Demon hunter (19.8%)
  • Villains (14.7%) – mostly lawlessness
  • Hunters (11.8%) – predominantly animal rule
  • Magician (10.9%) – mostly fire
  • Warriors (10.3%) – mostly weapons
  • Druid (7.1%) – predominantly balance
  • Shaman (5.3%) – mostly elementary
  • Death knight (4.5%) – mostly unholy
  • Paladin (4.3%)
  • Warlock (3.8%) – mostly destruction
  • Priests (3.1%)
  • Monk (2.9%)

The percentage indicates how many of the damage dealers played in Mythic Plus dungeons (from level 15 / season 4) belong to the respective class.

Demon hunter as villain 2.0

Apart from the covering mist that is no longer needed, what else can the villain do? There would be very high damage, extremely good survivability, mobility, slowdowns, stunning and control effects as well as interruption with a short cooldown. Just think briefly about which class also has all these characteristics and you will inevitably get stuck with the demon hunter. This even has a few more properties that are popular in mythical dungeons. So he has mass stunning in his repertoire, can clean magic effects from the opponent and interrupt them from at least ten meters away – for the latter two things he is even rewarded with resources. The most important thing is that it increases the magic damage of all group members by a whopping five percent. Unless you are traveling with four warriors, no other class buff can keep up. The only thing that held the demon hunter back in the past was the lack of Covering Mist. With the removal of the need for the "Shroud" there is no stopping the demon hunters in Azeroth and thousands of them are pouring into the mythical dungeons – one would think. The demon hunter takes the place as the most popular DpS class in the high-level dungeons, but there are currently not many more demonic hunters.

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Rogues switch classes

WoW: Mythisch-Plus Season 4 - these are the most popular classes (4)

WoW: Mythisch-Plus Season 4 – these are the most popular classes (4)

Source: Buffed

Rather, it is the fact that you no longer need a villain for certain tactics or routes, which lowers the popularity of the yellow class. Where the rogue twink was often used, there is no reason for it now and you just play with your mainchar. Many players have completely mothballed their villain for the rest of Battle for Azeroth. Where in the past season more than every fifth damage handler in mythical dungeons from level 15 was a villain, now it is not even every seventh. This has reduced the number of villains by more than 30 percent. The number of demon hunters increased slightly during the same period, but the difference is much smaller than that of the villains. At the same time, many other classes have risen slightly, which also suggests that many villains have turned to other classes. Some – especially the hardcore gamers – may have switched from villains to demon hunters. Or to the magician, who is particularly popular at very high levels.

More balanced DpS distribution

If you look not only at the most popular damage dealers, but also at the other ways of playing, you can see that the distribution is somewhat more balanced than in the past. What is the reason, of course, can only be speculated. In addition to the change of some villains to other ways of playing, it should also matter that we are now in the last part of the expansion. With the Korrak's Revenge event, many players were able to quickly and easily take their twinks to the maximum level. It could be deduced from this that significantly more players are now chasing various twinks weekly through the dungeons in addition to their actual class. This is noticeably the case in the circle of acquaintances of the writer of these lines, but it cannot be determined whether this is really the case in general.

The Most Popular Tanks in Mythic Plus (Season 4)

  • Warriors (25.6%)
  • Demon hunter (17.3%)
  • Death knight (15.8%)
  • Monk (15.7%)
  • Paladin (14.9%)
  • Druid (10.8%)

The percentage indicates how many of the tanks played in Mythic Plus dungeons (from level 15 / season 4) belong to the respective class.

Class hike at the tanks

WoW: Mythisch-Plus Season 4 - these are the most popular classes (5)

WoW: Mythisch-Plus Season 4 – these are the most popular classes (5)

Source: Buffed

While the same two classes have dominated the damage distributors since the beginning of the expansion, this changes regularly with the tanks. In the beginning, the death knights were hard to imagine, which was also due to the affix at the time, which made the death grip extremely valuable. Then the warriors came with their ridiculously high damage from the cupping ghost waves. In the third season, the monks made the most popular tank due to their high mobility and the possibility of kiting opponents or taking them out of the fight. At the moment it is again the warriors who are at the top – mainly due to the good damage and their stable defense. However, the fact that it is now much more balanced than in the first seasons of Battle for Azeroth also applies here. With the tanks, the corruption effects should also be to blame. These have a high impact on damage, which indirectly improves the class balance, as the differences in DpS become smaller.

The Most Popular Healers in Mythic Plus (Season 4)

  • Druid (39.0%)
  • Paladin (25.1%)
  • Priests (14.0%) – (Holy: 7.3% / discipline: 6.7%)
  • Monk (13.2%)
  • Shaman (8.6%)

The percentage indicates how many of the healers played in Mythic Plus dungeons (from level 15 / season 4) belong to the respective class.

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Nothing new for the healers

The healers are a little bit in the same direction. Druids are still THE healer when it comes to high-level mythical dungeons. However, we have now moved away from the fact that more than every second healer is a sapling – even if it is still almost 40 percent. The paladin, who now puts every fourth healer, has caught up significantly. But the number of priests and monks has also increased. Only the shamans remain unpopular. Generally speaking, Blizzard has a lot to do if they want to improve the balancing between the healers in the dungeons of Shadowlands. The raid shows that they can do this, where all styles of play are often represented and are equally strong.

The class distribution in the first three Mythical Plus Seasons

WoW: Mythisch-Plus Season 4 - these are the most popular classes (3)

WoW: Mythisch-Plus Season 4 – these are the most popular classes (3)

Source: Buffed

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