We'll show you what has changed about the Mistweaver with Battle for Azeroth, explain the strengths and weaknesses of the "Mistweaver" and compare the Mistweaver's performance in raids, arenas and when playing solo with other classes and playing styles. On the other pages you will also find a short beginner's guide, we will explain in detail the skills and talents of the mist operator and give you solid information on how to play in order to get the most out of the monk's healing style in raids and mythic dungeons.

You can use this table of contents to quickly and easily find the area of ​​the guide you need for the Nebelwirker-Mönch.

That's how strong the Mistweaver Monk is in Patch 8.3

The Mistweaver is a great choice for both (Mythic Plus) dungeons and raids! With talent Exhaust the magic heals Essenzborn the whole raid alone – fantastic! The combination of Soothing fog and Enveloping fog doctor players in dungeons in seconds!


You only cause a fraction of the damage done by your windrunner colleagues. In return you survive the blows of many opponents through your strong healings. This is particularly useful when the war mode is activated, since the enemy faction can lurk around every corner. You also have PvP talent in Warmode Path of the crane to disposal. This causes you to do as much damage as real damage distributors for a short time.


Healing monks are particularly popular in Mythic Plus dungeons for several reasons. Monks increase the physical damage dealt to the entire group. They also have several control spells like Foot sweeper and Ring of peace in petto. Fog casters keep tanks alive even with large groups of opponents, because the calming fog turns your other individual healings into spontaneous spells


Raids are your supreme discipline! You are well prepared for both large group damage and against high single target damage to the tanks! With talent Exhaust becomes Essenzborn even more powerful and can almost replace a cooldown! The enveloping fog reliably keeps your tanks alive. This powerful spell doesn't even have a spell time if you use it after the Soothing Mist!


The Mistweaver also cuts a fine figure in PvP! He has some strong PvP talents at his disposal. With the Path of the crane you increase the damage you cause for a short time. Especially in the 2vs2 arena, he can send his enemies on the boards so quickly with his partner! On the other hand, the opponents find it difficult to defeat the Mistweaver. He is incredibly mobile and has a lot of control spells behind him. With the PvP talent Zen focus tea he protects himself from the effects of interruptions and can treat his partners.

About our authors

This guide was written by Adrian "Sarangbang" van Loock. Adrian has been playing his monk in all three specializations since the Mists of Pandaria beta. The guide is based on the experiences from the mythical raids.

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