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Those who have not yet tackled the reputation grind for the nether-winged dragons from The Burning Crusade in WoW will now have a particularly good opportunity: The timewalking event in BC will give you a nice boost.

A timewalking event for The Burning Crusade is currently running in World of Warcraft. This event not only allows you to visit old dungeons and raids from the first WoW expansion, but also grants you a reputation bonus of 50 percent on all factions in Outland – including the Nether wings.

The reputation bonus means that with the Nether Wings you not only achieve a neutral, but instead a respectful reputation if you complete the first series of quests for the faction that starts with the task "friendliness"begins. That saves you a lot of time with the Rufgrind. If you want to tackle the quest chain now, you proceed as follows:

  • Find Outland in Shadowmoon Valley Mordenai (a dragonkin in the form of a high elf), who can be found northeast of the Sanctum of the Stars (at coordinates 60/58).
  • Take the quest "friendliness"and includes all follow-up quests"Ally of the Netherwing"from.

Once you have completed the quests, you should have reached the reputation level of respectful and can then continue with the final reputation grind up to the level of exalted in order to be able to complete the final series of quests.

The faction of the Nether Wings in Shadowmoon Valley is definitely worth the reputation grind, because at the end of the quest series you will get one of a total of six Nether Wings Dragon Mounts as a reward and you can buy the other five in Shattrath:

Source: Wowhead

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