After a really long wait, Blizzard has finally released Patch 9.1 and the associated raid for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. As usual, there is a cinematic at the end of the raid, which introduces the rest of the story. If you want to experience the raid and the story for yourself, then you shouldn’t read any further here. For everyone who, like many others, is currently less enthusiastic about World of Warcraft, we have the cinematic for you here.

At the end of Sanctum of Domination, the mysterious Jailer and the Banshee Queen Sylvanas deliver a showdown for which many players have been waiting for a long time. The story of Sylvanas was an important point in World of Warcraft’s past (buy now 14,99 € ) and player and Meme enthusiasts there are quite a few considering possible degrees for them. Will she die? Will we get a redemption arc? The former is not yet certain, but all signs point to a redemption arc, which many players have already predicted.

After Sylvanas learns that the villain she has worked with for the past few years, is actually evil and she tries to attack him in a laughable act, the jailer gives her the other half of her soul back as punishment. She probably lost this when she was defeated by Arthas and turned into a banshee.

According to current theories, the Sylvanas that we have come to know and love is actually only the evil half of her soul, which should probably explain all of her deeds. It makes a little more sense if you’ve followed the history of World of Warcraft from the very beginning, but not too much either.

WoW: Trailer preview of Desmotaeron, the revised gullet zone

Many players expected this development, but are still rather dissatisfied with the overall situation. Sylvana’s numerous crimes cannot simply be forgotten for most and a redemption arc simply makes no sense for many if you know the motives for Sylvana’s deeds. Also that the banshee queen, who is known as a master strategist and very intelligent adversary, was surprised that the jailer, who has enslaved numerous souls, wants to enslave even more souls, is simply silly for many. At least one other important character in the Horde wasn’t just killed because there were too many don’t have these left at all.

How exactly it will go with Sylvanas and whether her punishment is determined by one person alone, we will probably find out either in the course of the next updates or in a book.

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