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The March edition of the so-called "DMJ" week in WoW Classic is over and we have a new Speedrun King for Naxxramas! The Chinese guild Noobs was able to undercut the time stamp of Progress from February by 43 seconds. We also have a new Horde record holder with Dreamstate!

The WoW Classic Guild from the author of these lines usually needs between three and four hours to completely clean Naxxramas. Sure, that doesn't really qualify as a "speed run", but it's not our goal at all. We want to master the content with a manageable investment of time and money, taking some desired loot with us if possible, newcomers who enable first kills and experience chilled and fun raid evenings.

It's on a completely different level with the guilds, who are preparing month after month for the week in which the players can get an additional World Buff at the Darkmoon Faire. The March edition of this "It's Speedrun-Time!" Week is over and again various communities were able to achieve personal, faction-wide, regional or even worldwide records. Here are some concrete achievements of the last few days (via Warcraftlogs):

  • With 50:53 minutes, the Chinese guild Noobs was able to undercut Progress' record from February by 43 seconds. Congratulations on the new speedrun record for Naxxramas!
  • The two EU record holders Progress and SALAD BAKERS could not set any new best times in this ID. The February times are still enough for 2nd place (51:36 minutes) and 3rd place (51:44 seconds).
  • The fastest US guild is called Reign, comes from the "Streamer" server Faerlina and was able to defeat Kel after 52:46 (5th place).
  • The fastest Horde guild comes from the EU server Gehennas. Dreamstate mastered Naxx after 56:39 minutes (10th place).
  • The first German guild was able to master Naxxramas in under an hour, namely For teh Horde from the small but fine realm Heartstriker – Congratulations!
  • The home server of the author of these lines is also represented quite high up: The Horde guild Invoke brought Kel'Thuzad to his knees after 1:11:37 (DE # 4, Horde # 22). Congratulations!

Incidentally, it may well be that we will see one or the other record in the next few hours. Experience has shown that shortly before the end of the "DMJ Week", many guilds secure the associated World Buff again in order to get started again with the new ID.

How does it look: How quickly do you manage Naxxramas currently? Do you even try speed runs? Let us know in the comments!

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