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Before the WoW developers left for the weekend, they provided the Shadowlands server with a few hotfixes. Some of them will not come into force until March 31, 2021, others are already activated. Among other things, there is no longer an upper limit for soul ash. Here is the overview!

Shortly before the start of the weekend, at least based on US times, the developers of WoW: Shadowlands threw a few hotfixes on the server to fix one or the other bug. It should be said that all adjustments at the tank specializations only from March 31, 2021 active with the server restart be – keep that in mind! All other fixes and adjustments are already active.

This includes that there is no longer an upper limit for the amount of soul ash that you can hold. Even those with WoW (buy now 14,99 € ) Adjustments introduced in Patch 9.0.5, which should reduce misspulls by opponents through autotargeting, have been refined, even if the WoW devs do not really go into detail in the patch notes. Joy for the warlocks, because various spells will no longer be provided with a very long cooldown if they are from the death knight PvP talent Cardiac arrest aura interrupted and influenced. Below you will find the patch notes for the WoW hotfixes from March 27, 2021 in German.

WoW Patch 9.0.5 – Hotfixes vom 27.03.2021 – Patch Notes


  • Player ability auto-targeting has been improved to avoid enemies who are not in combat. This is an extension of the adjustments made in WoW Patch 9.0.5, which should reduce the magic pull of additional enemies.

Demon Hunter

  • [Mit den regionalen Serverresets] Fixed an issue that caused both Vengeance and Havoc versions of the Demonic protection were used on vindictive demon hunters.
  • [Mit den regionalen Serverresets] Fixed an issue that was causing the Havoc version of the Shattered souls was applied to vengeance demon hunters.
  • [Mit den regionalen Serverresets] The damage reduction of Demonic Protection, Rank 1 was increased from 5 percent to 10 percent (Note from the Red: The other two ranks of the skill should also be affected)


  • [Mit den regionalen Serverresets] Bärenadept reduces all damage taken by ten percent.





  • [Mit den regionalen Serverresets] New Passive Ability: Aegis of Light reduces all damage taken by ten percent.

Death knight


  • Soul ash no longer has a cap on the amount that can be held.


  • Fixed a bug that caused characters who played during the final stage of Tyrande’s Rise of Ashenvale (In the darkest night) died and released the body, were dropped in the wrong place.

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