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In the Sanctum of Dominion, the new raid in WoW Patch 9.1, there are a number of weapons with special effects. In return, you have to do without a lot of secondary stats. Will it be worth it?

Usually all weapons in WoW are designed very similarly. In addition to the primary attribute, they have certain weapon damage and lots of secondary stats. Every now and then there are exceptions – like the Cruciform Veinripper in the Sanctum of Dominion, the new raid that comes to WoW Shadowlands with Patch 9.1. The fist weapon is not the only weapon from the new raid that offers a special effect instead of secondary stats. There is, among other things, a bow with a silence effect, a polearm with a use effect or a sword that destroys other weapons (but only in a figurative sense).

Whether the respective effect compensates for the loss of secondary stats is of course a different matter and depends on the upcoming balancing and the scaling of the individual classes and playing styles. In the past, however, weapons of this type were often superior to their “normal” counterparts – think, for example, of Geti’Ikku, the cut of death from the king’s rest.

The following weapons in the Sanctum of Dominion have special effects.

  • Jaithys, the Prison Blade: Consumes a lesser weapon, completely destroying it to feed your own power.
  • Jotungeirr, Destiny’s Call: Use: Answers the call and increases all secondary stats for 30 seconds. Three minute cooldown.
  • Cruciform Veinripper: If you are behind the enemy, have restricted mobility, or have lost control, your attacks have a high chance of causing the target to bleed for six seconds.
  • Edge of Night: Your attacks cover the target with Banshee’s Blight, which gives your finishers a two percent chance for each combo point consumed to inflict additional damage. The effect can stack up to four times the more injured the target is.
  • Rae’shalare, whisper of death: Your attacks have the chance to fire a plaintive arrow that inflicts additional damage on the target and surrounding enemies and silences them for a short time.

Some of these effects read quite a lot and could also be used outside of the raid. Silencing a whole group of enemies, for example, sounds very strong in mythical dungeons. What the consumed weapon is all about, however, has yet to be seen.

How do you find such special effects? Besides jewelry, legendarys and the like, too much of a good thing or is anything better than a boring sword with secondary values?

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