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Update vom 05. April 2021: It’s that time again, the Nobel Garden Festival in Azeroth has begun. There are not many innovations this year, only members of the Venthyr Pact can look forward to a special feature. You can take part in an egg hunt that takes place as part of the Gluthof. The highlight: You get a buff when you complete the egg hunt, which increases your friendship bonus for the Nobelgarten-Gluthof by 300 percent. You can collect the amount of friendship points that you would otherwise receive in four weeks with a Gluthof. In a separate article, we explained to you exactly how egg hunt works in Gluthof, based on the data from the test server. We wish you a lot of fun and success in your search!

Update vom 22. April 2019:

Joy, dear WoW fans and hunters of noble garden chocolate, because it is noble garden in Azeroth again. The event started on April 22nd at 10 a.m. and ends on April 29 at 10 a.m. So if you want to take part, you only have one week to go in search of noble garden chocolate and brightly colored eggs.

The news in 2019 is manageable – which may be due to the fact that the creators of WoW are first planning the children’s week to redesign it. Accordingly, the old activities await you at Nobelgarten 2019, but at least a few new rewards. This is the Noble Gardener’s Hearthstone, which you can buy from vendors for 250 pieces of noble garden chocolate. If you want to put together a rabbit outfit, you can also get the blue spring ring, the brown spring ring and the yellow spring ring. These headbands, which you can use for transmogrification, each cost 50 pieces of Nobelgarten chocolate.

In the capitals of World of Warcraft (buy now 14,99 € ) Holiday NPCs appear once a year to tell all heroes, big and small, about the big egg hunt. In addition to the spring rabbit known from the past few years as a pet, there has also been a riding animal available since 2012. With a bit of luck you can find the Schnellen spring strider in brightly colored eggs, or buy chocolate from Nobelgarten dealers. Below we have an overview for you of all the changes that Blizzard has donated to the world event in 2018. Then there is an overview of quests and achievements!

All Nobelgarten items from the dealer

What about the eggs, which you can also get from the dealers for 10 pieces of silver

Badly painted egg

, for 10 gold pieces

Elaborately painted egg

and for 1,000 gold

Fantastic painted egg

finds? The eggs can be placed on the floor. When you pick it up, depending on the original egg, comes in

Badly painted egg

(earns 9 silver at the dealer)

Elaborately painted egg

(earns 9 gold) or a

Fantastic painted egg

(brings out 900 gold). If you want to make other players happy, then you place the eggs in the game world.

With the task “Spring collector“(Alliance version) in your luggage, which you receive in the capital, you ride to one of the four possible villages in the starting area. The Nobel Garden events take place in the larger village of the starting area for both factions: Kharanos, Goldhain, Dolanaar and Azure Watch for the Alliance, and Bloodhoof Village, Brill, Falcon Place, and Razor Hill for the Horde Spring collector expected, who hopes for your active support in the egg hunt. The kind of magic that was obviously used to create the brightly colored eggs is absolutely inexplicable to him and gives him a headache.

Eggs are also often hidden under objects such as tables and carts as well as in boxes.

Eggs are also often hidden under objects such as tables and carts as well as in boxes.

Source: Buffed

Therefore you should give him 20 Eggshell pieces get so he can get to the bottom of the mystery – the quest will be repeated daily, and will reward you with gold and – if you can still collect experience points – with XP. But before you go into the first bushes in search of eggs, you should pay the Nobelgarten seller a visit. He gives you a very useful one as part of a quest

Lean egg basket

in hand, which increases your running speed when used. An indispensable item for ambitious egg hunters in order to be one step ahead of heroes who are searching for them.

This also ensures that you are not necessarily faster on the back of mounts than the heroes on the ground. The constant mounting steals most classes the time that they previously saved with the speed of their trusty mount. In addition, flying heroes in particular miss many of the eggs that are hidden under tables or carts, for example.

The Nobelgarten event is all about the sweetest temptation in the world: chocolate! In what feels like 99 percent of the cases in which you open a found egg, one will become in it


are located. But before you eat them with relish, you should visit the Nobelgarten seller. Because only in exchange for chocolate will you get a new pet in addition to matching outfits for the party. For a mere 100 pieces of chocolate, you can

Spring hare paw

Giving a new home and looking forward to their reaction to contact with conspecifics. For 500 chocolates you can also buy a new mount, the

Fast spring strider

. With luck, you can also find the horse and pet when you open the brightly colored eggs. So before you eat the chocolate, you should think carefully about how many sweets you will need to acquire the Nobelgarten items, to achieve desired successes or to be able to call the new mount your own.

Pocket space can't hurt.

Pocket space can’t hurt.

Source: Buffed

If you want to adorn yourself with the new title “the Noble” at the end of the Easter holidays, you have to grab eight of the Nobelgarten successes. Some of them require specific event items such as a spring bunny. With a lot of luck you can find them in the brightly colored eggs that are hidden in abundance in the starting area cities. If you weren’t so lucky, you can exchange all objects in exchange for Nobelgarten chocolate at a dealer.

In the course of the numerous success changes with Patch 3.1, the Nobelgarten event has grown by a considerable number of tasks. Wrath of the Lich King has added a few challenges to the two previously known challenges. But there is now also the title “the Noble” as a reward for the newly introduced meta-success “Nobel Gardener”. We have all the important information for you here so that you can easily get every single one of these achievements in the one Easter week available to you.

Dressed appropriately for the occasion
Discovered a

Elegant dress

by opening the brightly colored eggs during the Nobelgarten Festival. If you have the dress from the noble garden seller, the success is not complete. The dress is not tied when it is picked up and can accordingly be swapped between characters.

Blushing Bride (necessary for meta success)
Put on a fancy tuxedo outfit (

White dress shirt


Black tuxedo pants

) and kiss someone in an elegant dress. With a lot of luck, you can get the pretty thread from the eggs or you can buy both pieces for 25 Nobelgarten chocolates each from the dealer.

Spring fever the Horde respectively Allianz (necessary for meta success)
Saves 100 pieces of Noble Garden Chocolate, around

Spring hare paw

to buy. Call it up and then find a companion for your new companion to cuddle in in the following four starting areas. Help other players by getting the pet out every time you go to the villages, even if you’ve already won.

  • Horde: Bloodhoof Village, Brill, Falkenplatz and Razor Hill
  • Allianz: Azure Watch, Dolanaar, Goldshire, and Kharanos

Hard boiled (necessary for meta success)
Go to Un’Goro Crater and visit the Golakka hot springs to the west. It is best to have a friend help you with

Flowering branch

turn into a rabbit that lays an egg after a while. You can get the branches you need through the daily quest “The Big Egg Hunt”.

I found one! (necessary for meta success)
Look for a brightly colored egg in one of the four starting area cities – a really easy achievement.

Nobelgarten the Horde respectively Allianz (necessary for meta success)
Get yourself one


for five chocolates at the dealer and go to Silbermond as a Hordler and to Stormwind as an Alliance player. Find a nice corner and hide it. Either you pick it up yourself afterwards or you let other players look for it.

Chocolate lover


can only be found in the colored eggs – each contains only one piece of chocolate. Collect 25 and eat them to earn this success.

Chocoholics (necessary for meta success)
Another 75


you have to eat away for this task. First collect 75 pieces of chocolate and then munch them. If you log out while feeding, the success counter will be reset to 25.

Tuxedo and bunny
With a lot of luck you can find the white tuxedo shirt and matching trousers in the brightly colored eggs. If you buy both parts from the dealer, your success will not be recognized – only finding them will give you more points.

About rabbits and bunnies (necessary for meta success)
The bouquet

spring flowers

you can exchange it for 50 Nobelgarten chocolates at the dealer and equip it in your main hand as a weapon. It’s best to travel to the gates of Stormwind and Orgrimmar or to the Blackrock Foundry or Ashran during raid times to have the greatest possible chance of meeting female characters of all races with a minimum level of 18. Because you have to put rabbit ears on them with the help of the flowers.

Desert flower (necessary for meta success)
The necessary

Spring robe

you buy 50 Noble Garden Chocolates, put them on and then travel to the five required deserts of Azeroth.

The wasteland
A thousand needles (even if there isn’t much desert left)

Once there, you use your new robe and plant a flower at a time.

The new mount can be bought with 500 pieces of Nobelgarten chocolate – or with luck it can be contained in an egg. [Quelle: Buffed]

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