WoW: N'Zoth Guide tanks – Ny'alotha, the Awakened City

Before we can attack the Old God personally, we first have to get through the shell of the tentacle being. But N'Zoth prevents us from doing this by inciting a manifestation of his anger on us. During the fight we have to be especially careful of the madness of the Old God: In addition to our life points, our mental health is also in distress. If it drops to 0, N'Zoth tries <a href = "" title = "N'ZOTH'S GIFT"target =" _ blank ">N'ZOTH'S GIFTto take control of our hero's head. With this buff, our character deals 100 percent more damage and healing. But of course that is deceptive: after 20 seconds with <a href = "" title = "N'ZOTH'S GIFT"target =" _ blank ">N'ZOTH'S GIFT our character becomes a permanent <a href = "" title = "SERVANT OF N'ZOTH"target =" _ blank ">SERVANT OF N'ZOTHwho gets 100 percent more health and the ability <a href = "" title = "SPIRITUAL DECAY"target =" _ blank ">SPIRITUAL DECAY starts. Our willless zombie hero then uses it to attack former allies by reducing their mental health and hitting them with high shadow damage every second.

WoW: Panzer von N'Zoth: short guide

  • Use Furorion to protect your mental health so that N'Zoth doesn't control you
  • Get away from your group if you go from <a href = "" title = "ERUPTION OF MADNESS"target =" _ blank ">ERUPTION OF MADNESS have been hit
  • Kill nightmare antigens as quickly as possible
  • Tanks have to be plugged in MANDIBELSCHLAG alternate
  • Destroy <a href = "" title = "ADAPTIVE MEMBRANE"target =" _ blank ">ADAPTIVE MEMBRANE in time

WoW: Furorion protects your psyche

So definitely keep your sanity up. Furorion, who is at your side in the fight, will help. On the one hand, its presence allows you to activate a cooldown spell on the legendary Ashjra'kamas cloak. This two-minute cooldown heals you to 100 percent of your life, protects you from further loss of sanity, and teleports you to Furorion. It has a field around it that regularly regenerates your mental health within five meters.

WoW: Phase 1 – Outer Tanks

In the first phase, you fight the anger of N'Zoth in a relatively large area, where you also have to deal with add-ons such as overgrown tentacles, eye drunk and nightmare antigens. The anger of N'Zoth keeps you busy, for example by <a href = "" title = "ERUPTION OF MADNESS"target =" _ blank ">ERUPTION OF MADNESS acts. Targets hit by this should move away from the group as soon as possible, because they contain a seed that explodes after twelve seconds. Within ten meters, players take shadow damage and fear overwhelms them for two seconds. Non-targeted characters hit by this attack lose an additional 15 points of sanity. For comparison: 100 points correspond to 100 percent.

Tanks should stand out before the attack MANDIBELSCHLAG beware. It leaves behind BLACK SCAR, a stackable debuff that deals shadow damage and, above all, increases victim damage taken by 100 percent. Tanks should alternate here so that not a single one too many stacks of BLACK SCAR abbekommt.
The anger of N'Zoth regularly affects the ability <a href = "" title = "ADAPTIVE MEMBRANE"target =" _ blank ">ADAPTIVE MEMBRANE, which gives him a shield that intercepts all damage for twelve seconds. But there is a ray of hope: If you do enough damage to destroy the shield before the end of the twelve seconds, the boss suffers all the intercepted damage afterwards. In addition, this will <a href = "" title = "FRAGMENT OF MIND"target =" _ blank ">FRAGMENT OF MIND activated that spawns a ball of mental health that restores part of player's mental health for 15 seconds. Your mental health may need this boost because N'Zoth's wrath often uses <a href = "" title = "SPIRITUAL DECAY"target =" _ blank ">SPIRITUAL DECAY (see beginning of text) to reduce the health points of your psyche.

ADAPTIVE MEMBRAN can also be recognized visually by the boss's glow. Destroy this shield.

ADAPTIVE MEMBRAN can also be recognized visually by the boss's glow. Destroy this shield.

Source: Buffed

<a href = "" title = "ADAPTIVE MEMBRANE"target =" _ blank ">ADAPTIVE MEMBRANE Mythic can even hit players, which is a curse and a blessing. Sure, you will be well protected. But if the shield bursts, you get all the damage at once. And since the Membrane on Mythic also reduces the target's healing received by 75 percent, you can hardly arm yourself against the great damage.

If an overgrown tentacle hits the battlefield, you have to react quickly. Destroy the Terrible Hemorrhages on the tentacle and at the same time, at best, also switch off the nightmare antigens that N'Zoth is inciting on you. After a minute, the hemorrhages that have not yet been destroyed detonate and hit all players with shadow damage. But once all hemorrhages have been defeated, N'Zoth gets through EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED a decent broadside. For each hemorrhage, N'Zoth's wrath takes 1.25 percent of his maximum health as damage. As a result, he loses about twelve percent of his health on the PTR.

WoW: Phase 2 – Subcutaneous tunnel

If the boss's life points drop below 50 percent, he opens a tunnel into which he escapes. Follow him because the monster is trying to heal himself there! Mycelium cysts, which surround so-called synthesis ulcers, help him do this. First button up the cysts that start with <a href = "" title = "MYZELGESCHWÜR "target =" _ blank ">MYZELGESCHWÜR create a dangerous field that reduces your movement speed by 75 percent and causes nature damage every second. You will also take twice as much damage from N'Zoth's wrath in this area. The deadly field becomes smaller by reducing the health points of the cysts, but which is reduced with <a href = "" title = "REGENERATIVE MASS"target =" _ blank ">REGENERATIVE MASS heal constantly. If you can get past the cysts, you can attack the synthesis ulcers that make the boss practically invincible by healing him and making him immune to attack. This damage immunity remains as long as at least one ulcer exists.

In phase 2, N’Zoth regenerates, destroying the ulcers on either side of it.

In phase 2, N’Zoth regenerates, destroying the ulcers on either side of it.

Source: Buffed

The healed boss continues to rage happily, so the hints from phase 1 still apply: Take care of his harmful abilities like <a href = "" title = "SPIRITUAL DECAY"target =" _ blank ">SPIRITUAL DECAY. MANDIBELSCHLAG and <a href = "" title = "ERUPTION OF MADNESS"target =" _ blank ">ERUPTION OF MADNESS be careful while at <a href = "" title = "ADAPTIVE MEMBRANE"target =" _ blank ">ADAPTIVE MEMBRANE makes sure that your group’s damage cracks the boss’s shield. N'Zoth's wrath is now causing additional damage with widespread attacks <a href = "" title = "OKZIPITALEXPLOSION "target =" _ blank ">OKZIPITALEXPLOSION and <a href = "" title = "ETERNAL DARKNESS"target =" _ blank ">ETERNAL DARKNESS, While the former deals shadow damage and reduces player mental health in a cone in front of the boss, the <a href = "" title = "ETERNAL DARKNESS"target =" _ blank ">ETERNAL DARKNESS all players and reduced their mental health. Also in phase 2, keep in mind that you can keep your mind in one piece with Furorion. As soon as you knock N'Zoth's anger down again (the ulcers have healed him properly) and brought his health below 40 percent, the last phase of the fight begins.

WoW: Phase 3 – Core of Infinite Truths

In the final section of the boss fight, N'Zoth uses all the means at his disposal to survive. For the most part you are dealing with mechanics that are now familiar to you. Skills such as <a href = "" title = "ADAPTIVE MEMBRANE"target =" _ blank ">ADAPTIVE MEMBRANEthat protects him, <a href = "" title = "SPIRITUAL DECAY"target =" _ blank ">SPIRITUAL DECAYwho attacks your mental health, as well as the MANDIBELSCHLAGyour tanks should take it in turns.

But only that would not be enough! Of course, the anger of N'Zoth pulls some bad tricks up its sleeve. The area attack <a href = "" title = "ETERNAL DARKNESS"target =" _ blank ">ETERNAL DARKNESSthat attacks your mind and body will be in phase 3 by the worse version INFINITE DARKNESS replaced. Sounds similar, but unlike its predecessor, it still leaves <a href = "" title = "ENDLESS EMPTY"target =" _ blank ">ENDLESS EMPTY, an area effect that deals shadow damage for two minutes per second. While the darkness is already harmful, you shouldn't underestimate how quickly the DoT effect of <a href = "" title = "ENDLESS EMPTY"target =" _ blank ">ENDLESS EMPTY added.

The <a href = "" title = "also received an upgradeERUPTION OF MADNESS"target =" _ blank ">ERUPTION OF MADNESSwho has so far only chased you away from your allies because otherwise you will damage them with an AoE attack. The anger of N'Zoth instead uses <a href = "" title = "ERUPTION OF MANIA"target =" _ blank ">ERUPTION OF MANIAthat continues to explode after twelve seconds, causing mental and physical harm within ten meters. But instead of the previously tolerable two seconds of fear, it causes a proud twelve seconds – no teammate can really be hit here. On top of that, this explosion now conjures up a nightmare antigen every time, as you know from phase 1. You shouldn't ignore them, because they have the dangerous property <a href = "" title = "NIGHTMARE ANTIBODY"target =" _ blank ">NIGHTMARE ANTIBODY, by using their melee attacks to reduce the speed and speed of movement of their targets – and this effect is stackable! In addition, nightmare antigens regularly receive the buff <a href = "" title = "ADAPTIVE ANTIGEN"target =" _ blank ">ADAPTIVE ANTIGENthat increases their damage and movement speed by ten percent. Of course, it is also stackable, so be sure to switch off the critters. Speaking of critters: beware of the butterfly tentacle attack. He inflicts over 700,000 points of natural damage on a normal level of difficulty, in Heroic you get a smooth million!
The last phase represents the final spurt, because in it you no longer have Furorion at your side. So you can no longer regenerate your mental health near him, the clock is ticking. But you still have a method to restore at least a little mental health: by destroying the shield of <a href = "" title = "ADAPTIVE MEMBRANE"target =" _ blank ">ADAPTIVE MEMBRANE there is still a <a href = "" title = "FRAGMENT OF MIND"target =" _ blank ">FRAGMENT OF MIND, which on contact pep up the psyche of players a little. Nevertheless, the highest railroad is required in this phase if you do not want to collect a wipe because of mental derangement, so to speak.

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