N'Zoth is not only the final boss of this raid, but also the final villain of the entire expansion. It will still have to be decided whether the fight against the Old God will be seen as a legendary encounter in the future or rather as a dead-wing. However, the various thought phases and countless tentacles that you must defeat leave no doubt that we are fighting an Old God. Of course, N'Zoth does not take up the sword himself – as he does, he doesn't even have arms – but sends his lackeys on our necks while he tries to penetrate our minds himself. This is reflected in our SPIRITUAL HEALTHthat we always have to watch out for. If it drops to zero, the connection between our body and our mind breaks, whereupon we become the willless servant of the Old God. Before that, however, we have 20 seconds in which to knock out double damage and double healing. The inherited players must be killed immediately because they deprive other players of mental health, which quickly leads to a chain reaction. Thanks <a href = "https://ptr.wowhead.com/spell=316271/azeroths-radiance" title = "AZEROTHS BEAMS"target =" _ blank ">AZEROTHS BEAMS With our special ability, which we can use in combat every now and then, we can heal our mind and that MENTAL HEALTH refill.

WoW: N'Zoth the Corruptor: short guide

  • Stay away from all black areas
  • Kill the tentacles to kill Psychus with the debuff
  • Move with <a href = "https://ptr.wowhead.com/spell=309980/paranoia" title = "PARANOIA "target =" _ blank ">PARANOIA quickly to your connected partner
  • Hold neurons on a few life points
  • Go into the mind of N'Zoth
  • Hold yours MENTAL HEALTH high

WoW: Phase 1 – Dominant Mind

The first phase of the fight is relatively short and offers a good start into the fight as we already get to see some of the essential skills. Instead of fighting the Old God himself, we only have to deal with his servant Psychus and some other add-ons. N'Zoth penetrates our mind and gives us an insight into its interior. All in all, the phase is not difficult, but besides coordination you also need a lot of DpS.

Psychus attacks us with different skills during the phase. The tanks are labeled with <a href = "https://ptr.wowhead.com/spell=316711/mindwrack" title = "SPIRIT QUAL "target =" _ blank ">SPIRIT QUAL attacked, a stackable debuff that increases the physical damage suffered and therefore requires a tank change. In addition, Psychus repeatedly places a black puddle under it that grows to a diameter of 60 meters over time. So you have to keep moving the mini-boss again and again, which will ensure that you run out of space at some point. You shouldn't be in the puddle, as it will give you <a href = "https://ptr.wowhead.com/spell=309991/anguish" title = "anguish "target =" _ blank ">anguish prove to you what causes massive damage MENTAL HEALTH deprives you and also slows you down. When Psychus reaches full energy, he deprives all players MENTAL HEALTH and causes area damage; This must be prevented by killing him quickly.

Most of the fight you don't beat on N’Zoth, but on psychus or any tentacles.

Most of the fight you don't beat on N’Zoth, but on psychus or any tentacles.

Source: Buffed

In addition to the moveable mini-boss, several unprotected tentacles are distributed in the room. They attack random players in their vicinity and inflict shadow damage on them and all other players around them. So you should be as distributed as possible. If such a tentacle dies, it has two effects. For one thing, all other tentacles are completely healed. On the other hand, if Psychus is right next to the dying tentacle, he gets a debuff that causes him to suffer 50 percent more damage for 20 seconds. This debuff is stackable and will help you get rid of psychus quickly. Pulls him from tentacle to tentacle, stacking the debuff ever higher and then beating the mini-boss out of life. In addition, you also suffer damage from the <a href = "https://ptr.wowhead.com/npc=158122/minds-eye" title = "SPIRITUAL EYE"target =" _ blank ">SPIRITUAL EYEthat regularly throws you surface damage and still yours MENTAL HEALTH lowers.

As soon as Psychus is dead, N'Zoth will no longer have your mind under control and you can go back into your body from which you will be thrown at the beginning of the fight. Run to your fleshly shell and click on it. You shouldn't take too much time doing this. Psychus' death inflicts massive damage on the Old God and he then brings his world of thoughts to collapse. If your mind is still there, your mind and body will die.
If you have escaped the world of thought, you can use your additional ability (three minutes cooldown) to recover lost ones MENTAL HEALTH to regenerate.

WoW: Phase 2 – Jerking Attack

When Psychus is defeated and all players have escaped the world of thought, phase 2 begins. You have the first few seconds to beat the boss before wrapping himself in a shield that reduces the damage taken by 99 percent. Whenever you kill Psychus, which you will do several times during this phase, N'Zoth will be stunned for 30 seconds and you can deal further damage to him.
Also in the second phase, N'Zoth throws tons of tentacles and other worms at you. He intervenes in your mind again and again, forcing you to either flee from him or run towards him. To avoid running into the puddles, you should position yourself beforehand. You can see in which direction your character is going with the help of the black arrows that pulsate shortly before on your character.

If N’Zoth lets you panic run outside, you should be as far in the middle as possible. & Nbsp;

If N’Zoth lets you panic outside, you should be as far in the middle as possible.

Source: Buffed

Corrupted neurons are also distributed throughout the room. The spread their black areas around and permanently heal a little. You can't kill them, but the fewer life points they have, the smaller the surrounding areas that are touched anguish trigger (damage, sinking MENTAL HEALTH and slowing down). To have enough space to fight, you have to keep the life points of some neurons low. Via <a href = "https://ptr.wowhead.com/spell=318449/eternal-torment" title = "Eternal torments"target =" _ blank ">Eternal torments N'Zoth keeps doing some area damage.

The most dangerous skill is the <a href = "https://ptr.wowhead.com/spell=309980/paranoia" title = "PARANOIA"target =" _ blank ">PARANOIA, Several players are marked with a debuff in pairs and take increasing damage for 15 seconds. This can be prevented by putting the two connected partners together. But you can't just run across the connected player. Because as soon as you have another player closer than five meters around you, you lose every second MENTAL HEALTH, which is rather bad.

In addition to the skills of N'Zoth, you have to deal with the tentacles.
racket tentacles need to be refueled and increase their damage over time. If there is no tank on the tentacle, it strikes wildly, causing surface damage and reducing your pace.

Verderbertentakel cast spells on random players. The spell deals damage and pulls after 15 seconds MENTAL HEALTH from. Unless someone breaks the tentacle or cleans the magical effect on the target.
sting tentacles cause minor shadow damage to random players.

If you destroy one of the tentacles, it explodes and chunks fall on the surface. If you let yourself be met, you collect damage and lose MENTAL HEALTH,

The tentacles deal almost permanent damage to any player in the group. & Nbsp;

The tentacles deal almost permanent damage to any player in the group.

Source: Buffed

When the racket tentacles are defeated, N'Zoth opens a portal in his mind at the edge of the area. To weaken him you have to step through and rage in the thoughts of the Old God. In principle, a heavier version of the first phase awaits us in the world of thought. Again we have to use the tentacles to defeat Psychus and stay away from black areas. Once psychus is defeated, the boss and tentacles are numbed in the real world and we can return by clicking on our bodies.

This phase is more difficult because Deathwing or Azshara and Sylvanas join N'Zoth's thoughts. Deathwing causes slight area damage and deprives you MENTAL HEALTH. He also fires bullets into the room that you have to avoid. In the thoughts with Sylvanas and Azshara the former occasionally causes surface damage, which too MENTAL HEALTH deducted while Azshara issued <a href = "https://ptr.wowhead.com/spell=315710/contempt" title = "stop"target =" _ blank ">stop which permanently causes damage as long as you move.

WoW: Phase 3 – convergence

Once you have successfully completed the world of thoughts, the third phase begins soon afterwards. N'Zoth tears down the realities and connects Ny'alotha with the heart chamber on Azeroth. From now on, the Old God is at the collar – at least in part. Because here you also have to take care of an add called Thought Harvester. He attacks the tank with the same ability as Psychus did. He also attacks a random player with <a href = "https://ptr.wowhead.com/spell=317066/harvest-thoughts" title = "HARVEST THOUGHTS"target =" _ blank ">HARVEST THOUGHTS, It causes high shadow damage to all players within 15 meters of the target. He also withdraws 100 points MENTAL HEALTH. But they are divided among all the goals that have been hit. So it is up to you whether you try to keep your teammates alive for a long time by letting several players meet, or rather give the DpS boost one after the other to let him die afterwards.
N'Zoth itself continues to let you run or run and connects several pairs of players. In addition, he repeatedly penetrates the players' minds, causes damage there and a few seconds later the dangerous black puddles emerge among the players. Over time, you will run out of space here too. Finally, he fires with <a href = "https://ptr.wowhead.com/spell=317874/stupefying-glare" title = "Amazingly rigid"target =" _ blank ">Amazingly rigid across the room and terrified hit players.

This phase is all about knocking everything out before you get them MENTAL HEALTH emanates. Because the mind harvester robs you of more health than you can restore with your special ability.

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