WoW: OTK – This is the new organization of Asmongold and Co.

from Sebastian Glanzer
Together with Mizkif, TipsOutBaby, Rich Campbell and Esfand, WoW's biggest streamer Asmongold has founded its own organization called OTK. We'll see what it's all about and what the plans of the One True King Network could be.

On Sunday, October 11th at 10:00 p.m. our time, over 100,000 viewers waited in the stream of WoW streamer Asmongold to see what the big announcement was about, which he had been holding back for some time. Along with Mizkif, TipsOutBaby, Rich Campbell and It found founds Asmongold the OTK organization. OTK does not stand for One Turn Kill, but for One True King.

Anyone who has followed WoW streams on will have noticed that the five founders of the OTK Network are five friends who have been together World of Warcraft for half an eternity (buy now 15.00 € ) play. And there is concentrated WoW competence in this small group. Asmongold has been by far the largest WoW streamer for several years. Together with Rich Campbell, he regularly takes the largest WoW podcast Allcraft and has interesting guests from the WoW and gaming community, but also, for example, former WoW developers such as Kevin Jordan.

Rich Campbell is a former Blizzard employee and until the beginning of this year still hosted WoW events such as the Arena World Championships. Esfand, TipsOutBaby and Mizkif are also streamers and especially on WoW Classic. TipsOutBaby seems to have close ties to Blizzard and has already organized one or two large Classic PvP tournaments such as the Classic PvP Summit.

It is not yet clear what goals the organization is pursuing. There may be many exciting WoW events waiting for us in the future. Although you don't see yourself as the next big esports organization or want to become the next method, the OTK network has already caught well-known ex-method PvP players: Cdew, Mes, Trill and SamiYam will play their arena matches under the One True King flag. In the next few weeks more about the plans of the five WoW streamers will be announced.

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