If you want to take part in the final content in Shadowlands, you have to get to the maximum level behind you. As a paladin, you can choose one of the three ways of playing, which could hardly be more different.

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The vast majority will probably fight their way through the Shadowlands damage specialization, which is why we are looking at them most intensively.

Talent choice

When leveling you will always have to deal with new opponents and you also have to walk a lot between them. Therefore you choose different talents here than usual.

Of course, you can make changes depending on your style of play. Blinding light is better when you take on multiple opponents. Those who die more often prefer to take it Indomitable spiritto strengthen his defensive. Do you have problems with rare and elite mobs, then use it Death sentence and Holy avenger instead of Divine purpose and zeal.


The ash wave has moved from the talent matrix directly into the magic book and is also part of your standard play style in Shadowlands. & Nbsp;

The ash wave has moved from the talent matrix directly into the magic book and is also part of your standard play style in Shadowlands.

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Aside from the talents, a lot has changed in the repertoire of skills of the retaliator. Ash wave has moved from the talent matrix to the magic book. The same goes for that Consecration and the Word of glory. The latter, however, has been rebuilt and now only heals one target. Then there is the Shield of the Righteouswhich is no longer reserved only for the tanking paladins. However, all these changes have little effect on your actual rotation.
Your main task is to build up Holy Power as effectively as possible and invest it in one of the strong attacks. It's no different with quests. However, you have to plan a little more in advance and keep an eye on the opponents' health points. One Judgment of the Templar does more damage than one Crusader Strike. But if the enemy only has three life points, you still use the latter.

With the Judgment you start the fight from a distance and at the same time apply the debuff on the opponent, thanks to which your next one Judgment of the Templar caused 25 percent more damage to this target. Once you have reached the opponent, you set the first Ash wave one that now only generates three points of Holy Power and then leave that Judgment of the Templar fall on your opponent. Then you stick to the priority list just mentioned. If, on the other hand, you have three or more opponents, which we only recommend in exceptional cases, then you replace that Judgment of the Templar with Divine Storm. From around four opponents, it is also more important to Consecration keep active than that Crusader Strike execute. Ash wave also slips at some point Judgment past. But for this you need more opponents in front of you than you will normally survive.
You should also pay attention to the Aura of devotion keep active and keep them on the long walks Aura of the Crusader switch. If you come into need, then invest your Holy Power in one or the other Word of glory and forget about that Flash of light not that thanks Selfless healer becomes a direct healing spell. You can always use it when you have to run from one opponent to the next.


You use your cooldowns differently during quests than in dungeons and raids – this applies both offensively and defensively.

Wrathful retribution: You try to use your most important cooldown as often as possible while quests. Because with the power of the wings the opponents fall faster and you move faster. Still, you don't use retaliation without thinking. It is important that you can attack over opponents for the entire duration. You can also fight a few mobs at the same time with active wings. It is therefore advisable to use the Wrathful retribution to activate whenever you come into a new area full of enemies. Or, of course, to defeat elite mobs.

Shield of retribution: You also use your defensive cooldown as often as possible. But you shouldn't wait until your life bar is as short as a gnome's leg. Instead, you activate the shield shortly before the fight or immediately after pulling an opponent. As a result, the shield absorbs enough damage and the subsequent explosion does not go nowhere.

Even as a healing paladin you are almost immortal. However, you have to expect that you will need significantly longer to reach the maximum level.


Holy Paladins don't have too much choice in their offensive spells. You get new skills, but most of them are rather useless for quests. The return of the Holy Power also has little impact on your DpS priority list.

Then there is the Hammer of wrathif it is usable. You can also use talent to unlock additional attacks. The Holy prism but is the only sensible one here. Hammer of light would be nice against multiple targets, but is weaker than Power of the crusader. Seraphim, Consecrated anger and Glimmer of light are also compulsory talents, since they are the only ones in the respective rows who really noticeably increase your DpS. You invest your holy power to Seraphim to use on cooldown. Otherwise you invest the remaining points mainly in Shield of the Righteouswhich further increases the damage you cause. However, you only use the shield at five points so that you always have a reserve to deal with the Word of glory to be able to heal.


As a Holy Paladin you have several cooldowns, but only one, which increases the damage you deal.

Wrathful retribution: For 20 seconds, you increase your damage and your critical strike chance by 30 percent. thanks Consecrated anger The cooldown time is halved during the runtime Holy shock. In principle, you activate the wings on cooldown so that it doesn't take so long to knock down the enemy.

The light of dawn known as a torch has no cooldown in Shadowlands, but it costs Holy Power. & Nbsp;

The light of dawn known as a flashlight no longer has a cooldown in Shadowlands, but it costs Holy Power.

Source: Buffed

Leveling up as a tank is more relaxing than anything else in WoW (buy now 15.00 € ). Whether one, two, twelve or twenty-twelve opponents at the same time – as a tank, neither quest nor rare mobs can get you down. Since you are constantly pulling multiple opponents, you are ultimately not that much slower.


With Shadowlands, the tanking paladins have received Holy Power back as a resource and some other mechanics in the background have also changed. However, this has little influence on the actual style of play – at least not when quests, as you only use a few skills. You bet on maximum damage when playing. Actually, you shouldn't do that as a tank, but in the free world you're more or less immortal as long as you wear a shield.

If you fight against several opponents, which you should always do as a tank, then the aforementioned priority list ensures maximum DpS. If you have fewer goals, it slips Judgment up and up until it is the most important attack against individual opponents. In between you use up your holy power with the Shield of the Righteousthat does a lot of damage and also reduces the physical damage you take. If necessary, you also invest your Holy Power in one Word of gloryto restore missing life points. But this is rarely necessary.
The Blessed hammer you definitely pack as a talent, just like First avenger, On horseback and Consecrated ground. All three increase the damage. With the other talents, you have the free choice whether you prefer more cooldowns or a constant increase in damage.


The Protection Paladin only has one cooldown by default, which you should use as often as possible.

Wrathful retribution: For 20 seconds, your damage and your critical strike chance increases by 20 percent. You should always activate the wings when you have collected several enemies. But don't use it together with other cooldowns that you may unlock with talent. This will cause enemies to fall over too quickly and you will waste a few seconds. It's better to distribute your cooldowns so that you have one ready for every pull.

As a protective paladin, the regular use of Word of Glory for self-healing will be an integral part of the game in the future. & Nbsp;

As a protective paladin, the regular use of Word of Glory for self-healing will be an integral part of the game in the future.

Source: Buffed

The best legendary effects for paladins

From the large selection of legendary effects, the following seem to be the most promising according to the current beta status.

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