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Similar to the Endless Trait Unity of the legion judges in Legion, BfA's Patch 8.3 with Purity of the World Soul offers us a similar system for our heart of Azeroth. In order to be "finished" with the Azerit Grind at some point, the effect of this trait has now been changed and transferred to the legendary cloak.

In patch 8.3 of WoW Battle for Azeroth we get to do with corrupted items, which have positive as well as negative effects. In addition, they increase our madness. The more madness, the more and more violent negative effects occur. Against this insanity rise, we were supposed to have the level 85 trait of our heart of Azeroths and the legendary cape Ashjra'kamas, concealing the determination help. Similar to the legendary weapons in Legion, we should increase our insanity resistance via the endless trait purity of the soul of the world. This idea has now been rejected by Blizzard.

How community manager Kaivax confirmed in the official forumHaving listened to feedback from the community, while staying with the infinite grind of artifact power, it's not a must.

  • Instead of stepping up Madness Resistance by Purity of the Soul of the World ('85 Trait), you increase the itemlevel of your heart of Azeroths by two item levels with each additional point in this Endless Trait. The main part of the Azerit Grind ends with Necklace Level 80.

In order to be able to gain further resistance, you will receive an item that will give you the insanity resistance of your victory over N'Zoth in Ny'alotha (Normal, Heroic, or Mythical Difficulty) or Heroic Terrible Visions (with at least one active mask) legendary cape increased.

Similar to the two past enhancements, this gives you the opportunity to improve your character (probably once a week) by defeating the final boss of the expansion. Unlike in Legion or in the fight against Archimonde in WoD but also get non-Raider the chance to get over the Terrible Visions to the upgrades.

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