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In patch 8.3 from WoW the golden brown night saber is waiting for eager mount collectors. We have to earn the wild big cat: Hopefully you have no problem with the battle fronts of Battle for Azeroth.

Feels like WoW every day (buy now for € 24.99) Patch 8.3 new information about mounts – and today looks no different. Because a new mount is now available on the PTR, which cat lovers will be happy about. Of the Golden brown night saber is one of the saber-toothed cats that first appeared in data mining in patch 8.1, but didn't come into play in waves of revenge.

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In a video by wowhead you can already watch the animations of the wild night saber:

Mount for Service Medals and Heroic Warfront on the Dark Coast

If the proud big cat has sparked your interest, you should look for service medals of the 7th Legion / Oath-bound in your WoW wallet. Because the fluffy four-legged friend is not cheap: the golden brown night saber costs 350 service medals. But even if you have them and they too Provider Mukra in Dazar'alor or just Utility blacksmith in Boralus brings, you may not buy the new mount immediately in Patch 8.3. You must have mastered the heroic warfront on the Dark Coast at least once.

In WoW Patch 8.3 you can get the new Mount Golden Brown Night Saber from your group's suppliers.

In WoW Patch 8.3 you can get the new Mount Golden Brown Night Saber from your group's suppliers.

Source: Buffed

One of many mounts in Patch 8.3

The upcoming Update Visions from N'Zoth brings not only new content like the attacks by N'Zoth's troops and the demanding vision instances, but as I said, a bunch of mounts. For the meta-success of Patch 8.3, for example, you can jump on one of the terrible serpents of the Old God.

If you feel more caring, you can try pulling up an Aqir drone that will let you buzz through the air. Or alternatively you knock out one of the new rare enemies in the Uldum attack and, with luck, get a malicious drone to fly around.

You'll also get a new mount each time you bring Mechagnom and Vulpera to level 120 – a mechanical runner and a caravan hyena.

Source: PTR

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